Throw A Barbecue Dinner Party This Labour Day

Everyone has their own Labour Day traditions, from getting out of town to a cottage by the lake, going to see fireworks at Canada’s Wonderland, or inviting friends and family over for a barbecue. There are some truly stunning barbecue recipes and techniques out there now, especially with the rebirth of live fire cooking from top chefs. Many master grillers aren’t content just to fire up the barbecue anymore, but are investing in wood smokers to give their meat a greater depth of flavour. Michael Smith, a Chopped Canada judge and PEI-restaurateur suggests using fruit wood chips like apple for smoking, among other secrets of the craft that home-grillers can do themselves.

Eating on the deck or in the backyard can be a blast, right up until rain is in the forecast for the end-of-summer long weekend, or until flies, wasps, and hornets come to crash the party. Don’t forget that the end of August is also when wasp populations are at their hungriest, drawn to sweet, sugary foods and beverages that people like to eat outside. Barbecue is also a great menu choice for more formal dinner parties as well, especially if you’re a dedicated wood smoker or a lover of live fire cooking. If you find that eating outdoors always seems like it’s a lot more fun than it turns out to be, make sure your dining table has room to accommodate.

That’s where Woodcraft and our traditionally made, solid wood dining tables come in. If you want to throw a stellar Labour Day dinner party, you might need a bigger table. All of our dining room tables can be made to order in the dimensions that fit your home and your requirements, whether that means you need to seat four or sixteen, whether you have odd corners or a square dining room. If you have an exceptionally unusual layout, you can consult with Woodcraft staff on finding the right solution for your dining room. For example, we can make a table that accommodates a load-bearing pillar or cut for an ill-fitting angle.

Our tables are built to be used – made out of solid wood, it doesn’t matter if they’re scratched or dented. They are made to be refinished and restained, extending their lifespan well beyond your own. They can be updated and restored, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them, whether it’s for your dinner parties or everyday use. After all, what’s the point of investing in a gorgeous dining table if you can’t enjoy it? Talk to us at Woodcraft about your dream dining table; if we don’t already have a design that matches your dream, we can work with you on a custom solution.

While you’re considering redecorating your home with a new dining room table, you can also find furniture to match with our great deals on floor models. We make custom wood furniture and we can make anything in your choice of wood material and colour, cut in the dimensions that fit your space. However, we also have a wide range of floor models for sale that include chairs and barstools, coffee tables, beds, benches, cabinets, and entertainment units. With our promotional prices, you can redecorate your entire home without a worry.


Get Back To School With A Custom Wood Desk

The year your son or daughter graduates from high school is a year that brings no shortage of changes. It’s the year that they start to grow up and become the adults they’re always going to be. They may be moving out for the first time, they may be moving out for good, or they may be making a responsible financial decision to stay at home while they study. They may be staying in town or they may be moving across the country. Wherever they go, make sure they’re set to excel in their studies with the right furniture, including a desk, bookcases, and a bed.

When you’re in school, your desk is arguably the most important place in your life. It’s your workspace, your creative space, your idea factory, and your all-night essay-writing zone. Students will spend endless hours working on papers and reading textbooks at their desks, and a desk can have a surprising psychological impact. You want a desk that instills a sense of confidence and creativity, that lets you focus on the task at hand, not the way the table wobbles when you push on it just so. You want your son or daughter’s desk to be a piece of solid wood furniture that lets them focus on the task at hand and excel. Campus life can often be hectic and crowded: the library is overflowing with students during exams and public study space is hard to come by. That’s why every student should have their own sanctuary to work and write at home.

The year your son or daughter graduates from high school is a year that brings no shortage of changes. It’s the year that they start to grow up and become the adults they’re always going to be. They may be moving out for the first time, they may be moving out for good, or they may be making a responsible financial decision to stay at home while they study. They may be staying in town or they may be moving across the country. Wherever they go, make sure they’re set to excel in their studies with the right furniture, including a desk, bookcases, and a bed.

When you’re in school, your desk is arguably the most important place in your life. It’s your workspace, your creative space, your idea factory, and your all-night essay-writing zone. Students will spend endless hours working on papers and reading textbooks at their desks, and a desk can have a surprising psychological impact. You want a desk that instills a sense of confidence and creativity, that lets you focus on the task at hand, not the way the table wobbles when you push on it just so. You want your son or daughter’s desk to be a piece of solid wood furniture that lets them focus on the task at hand and excel. Campus life can often be hectic and crowded: the library is overflowing with students during exams and public study space is hard to come by. That’s why every student should have their own sanctuary to work and write at home.

4 Great Cottage Furniture Ideas For The Summer

With summer in full-swing, many Torontonians can’t wait for the weekends to get out of the city and up to their cottages and vacation homes by the beach. But if you feel like the furnishings at your vacation home are a little worn-out or mismatched, it can distract you from your number one job up there: relaxing. When people first buy their cottages, furniture is often an after-thought. But once you’ve settled in, it’s time to upgrade and we have some great ideas for custom wood furniture you will be proud to show guests.

#1 Custom Wood Dining Table

A custom wood dining table will be a fantastic addition to any cottage country home or beach house. Vacation homes are great places to have guests over for a weekend and to impress your guests with great dinners. Fire up the grill, bust out a sumptuous red wine, and enjoy it all on a solid wood dining table built to impress.

#2 Country Bedroom Collection

A rustic wood bed and matching side table and wardrobe will complete the rural, countryside feeling of any beach house or Muskoka cottage. Pine wood and warm, rustic browns that show off the grain and knots will bring a rustic feeling to your bedroom and help you shake off the feeling of the city. We can make it in single, double, queen, or king sizes, high or low.

#3 Live Edge Island or Breakfast Table

Few things are as cottage-y as a breakfast nook by east-facing windows that will let the early morning sunlight in, casting a shadow of leaves gently swaying in the breeze. You can always request a quote for Woodcraft custom designs like our live edge table using industrial legs. It’s the perfect kitchen island for hors d’oeuvres and a glass of wine or a breakfast nook where you can enjoy coffee and a book on a long weekend.

#4 A-Frame Bookcase

Another one of our custom designs, this A-Frame bookcase marries the country-feel of Canadian maple wood shelves with a black frame. It makes the perfect cottage or city display case and it’s truly unique – we made the design for the TV show Property Brothers on HGTV and we would be happy to make one for you.

In case you’re still on the fence about buying custom wood furniture, just take a look at testimonials from past clients to see what they have to say about us and our products. Buying custom wood furniture is an investment and we take it as our responsibility to guarantee that you’re satisfied with your decision. We do what we do at Woodcraft because we love quality and craftmanship, working with wood and building something that can last forever, but we also do it because we want to bring our clients excitement, joy, and surprise when their handcrafted furniture is delivered to their doorstep. The reason we keep doing it decade after decade is because there are too few places where people can find quality furniture to last a lifetime.

The people at Woodcraft are happy to be your source for solid wood furniture you just can’t find anywhere else, custom designed to fit your tastes and needs. Visit one of our showrooms in Whitby, Mississauga, or the original in Markham to take a look at our floor models or check out our online form about a custom job. We don’t just serve the Greater Toronto Area; plenty of our customers place orders with us from across North America. Get in touch with us wherever you live.

Moving Is A Great Chance To Replace Your Furniture

You never quite realize how much stuff you own until it’s time to move, and then you start to wonder why you bought half of it in the first place. Moving can put your life into perspective and it can be a great chance to re-evaluate the possessions you’ve accumulated over the years, get rid of the things you no longer like, and revivify your home with some beautiful new pieces.

Sometimes it will be obvious what you’re going to bring with you and what should head to the Salvation Army. If you’re downsizing to a condo or a smaller home, you’re going to have plenty to cull. The living room may be configured differently and you’re going to have to find a smaller entertainment unit or invest in a smaller sofa. However, if you’re having trouble deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, books like The Joy of Less and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (by Marie Kondo) can help you evaluate your things and determine what’s worth keeping.

While the joys of having less may bring simplicity and tranquility to your mind, you’re still going to need something to sit on, a place to display those books that survived your purge, somewhere to fit the television, and everything else you use to furnish your living room. You just want every piece to spark a little something special in your life, while you trim off the excess junk that looks worn, ugly, or simply gets in the way in your new home.

Solid wood is an exceptional material in furniture and you can introduce so many different kinds of atmospheres with it, whether you want the winter-friendly hominess of dark and reddish browns, the stateliness of ebony, mahogany, or New York black, or French country whites and greys. Not only is solid wood a durable and lovely material, but the people who work with it like our craftspeople at Woodcraft take pride in their trade. We use old-fashioned techniques, making every piece by hand. We find inspiration everywhere; for example, our Turnbuckle TV unit has its origins in salvaged work benches of woodshops and garages. With cabinets for your DVD or Blu-Ray library and shelves for electronics, it’s ideally suited as an entertainment unit that will easily fit heritage homes.

If you’re moving this year or if you’re just re-evaluating your living room furniture, you can take advantage of the Woodcraft spring sale. With up to 20 percent off coffee tables, end tables, sofas, and entertainment units, it’s a great opportunity to re-do dens and living rooms with the elegance and maturity of solid wood furniture. Don’t forget that at Woodcraft, we make custom furniture. We can fit that coffee table to your new living room, match the stain to your new hardwood floors, and build it in the wood of your preference. We also deliver wherever you’re moving, with long distance shipping to anywhere in Ontario, Canada, or internationally. For delivery in the Greater Toronto Area, our furniture handlers also take care of assembly. Give us a call for worry-free new furniture delivered to your door.

Custom Made Furniture Fits Your Condo

Congratulations! You’ve just bought a condo and whether it’s your first home or you’re downsizing to be closer to the city, you’re in for an exciting new life in the heart of the action. However, Toronto condos can sometimes be a bit of a squeeze, meaning you might need to rethink your furniture arrangement.

Solid wood can either blend in with today’s castle-in-the-sky interior design, with simple, modern colours, or buck the trend and bring an earthy, rustic touch to your urban home. Colour and design aren’t going to be an issue with solid wood furniture wherever you buy it, but dimensions can be a bit tricky. If you’ve been staring at the floorplans and comparing them with the dimensions of your current dining table, wondering how to make it work, it’s probably best to just let it go and get something newer and smaller. One of the great things about working with our team at Woodcraft is that we build everything to order. If your new condo home has any odd corners or badly placed support beams, we can make cuts or changes to any of our designs. Frustrated by a support beam in the middle of your open concept home? Consider a table that wraps around two sides, making the most of your living space. In the end, planning ahead will save you plenty of headaches, not to mention bruises as you try edge around that table that just doesn’t fit.

#1 Coffee Tables

A sleek, gunstock walnut or ebony coffee table is a space efficient living room solution that will look great, especially in front of big windows and a sprawling view of the city. Get a coffee table made with storage space underneath where you can keep laptops, books, coasters, or odds and ends when they’re not in use.

#2 Workspace

If you’re a freelancer or if you ever work from home, having a great workspace is important, even when you don’t have an extra room for an office. A great desk in the right place, facing out the window with your incredible view, can help you forget about your living space and focus on the task at hand.

#3 Round Dining Tables

In tight spaces like a condominium kitchen or, if you’re in an older unit, a real dining room, round tables can help you make it work without squeezing yourself or your dinner guests. You can find some of our round dining tables like the Queens Table as small as 36”, to seat four, making it an ideal solution when you need to economize on space. The smaller size also means you pay less for the stylish look of solid wood – you can get the Queens Table in wormy maple for as little as $1,800. Plus, the Woodcraft Spring Sale means that all dining tables are 20% off, with an additional 5% off when you order in speckled cherry, and further discounts on dining chairs.

If round isn’t to your taste, our Loft Table is also 25% off, and at 42” it’s ideally suited to condo living. Simple, unadorned, it functions great as a dining table or a workspace, with options for drawers or without, as well as extensions, depending on how you plan to use it.

Your new condo space may demand some sacrifices in space, but by working with Woodcraft, you can still have the furniture of your dreams. We build everything to order and offer delivery and assembly anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. Request a quote online or get in touch with us about a custom order.

Get Ready To Host The Family This Canada Day

Canada’s sesquicentennial is shaping up to be a big deal and there are tons of cities across the country planning big celebrations this Canada Day. From Charlottetown to Vancouver, Lonely Planet has the scoop on all the great parties planned across the country, but plenty will be staying right where they are or just going up to the cottage to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday. If you plan on having the whole family over for a barbecue or hosting them at the cottage, it’s good to be prepared for a big family event. Is the dining table sizeable enough to fit the whole family when you have them over for dinner? Have you got enough beds to sleep everyone when they’re all gathered at your place by the lake?

If not, Woodcraft has you covered – there’s still time to get ready for Canada Day and a long summer of big dinner parties, holidays, and family visits. We make custom wood furniture that looks great, fits any space (because we cut it to match the dimensions of your rooms), and lasts for decades. Check out our dining tables, bedroom sets, wardrobes, coffee tables, and buffet hutches to make sure you’re all set for the summer.

Bedroom Furniture

As your family grows, it may be time to convert some of the space in your home or cottage into a guest bedroom. Finish the basement and set aside room for guests with king, queen, double, or single guests. As your children get older and start having kids of their own, you might have to start getting creative with space. You can save space with beds like our Prince Charles Bed with drawers, which utilizes under-the-bed space for storage without compromising the elegant solid wood look.

Dining Table

Dining tables are our specialty at Woodcraft and we take pride in delivering handcrafted quality to stylish contemporary and traditional designs. You’ll be taken away by the many designs we have on offer for custom dining tables, not to mention all of the options available to you in terms of material and stain. Not only do we offer a wide range of colours, including white stain, grey, driftwood, hazelnut, antique brown, golden oak, San Miguel, red cherry, Brazilian cherry, brown cherry, black cherry, coffee bean, gunstock walnut, brown mahogany, New York black, and ebony, but we also offer custom colours to fit the dining room. The only thing you need to worry about when we build your dining table is what you’re going to put on it to celebrate Canada Day with your family.

One of the great things about buying custom wood furniture is that it won’t fall apart on you. Replacing furniture every ten or fifteen years adds up, and in the long run, investing in solid wood furniture can save you money. Woodcraft bedroom sets, dining tables, and more are all custom made so that you know you’re getting a timeless piece of furniture you will still be proud to own decades later. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years and you can trust us to make long-lasting, quality wood furniture for your house, cottage, or condo.

The 5 Desk Personality Types

Everyone has their own way of organizing their desk, but did you know that the way you do says a lot of about the type of personality you have, as well as how you work? It doesn’t mean you should try to hide who you are at work or in your home office – quite the opposite, different personality types will work better when their environment is better suited to their preferences. Below are five of the most common “desk personality types,” along with their preferences and how they work well. Find out which one you are and stop fighting your desk habits.


This one should be self-explanatory, but clutter seems to be the way that extroverts operate. The Telegraph describes clutterers as office socialites, always ready to stop and chat with their colleagues. Clutter can speak to a creative way of problem-solving; sometimes the answer lies in distraction, or a long-forgotten thought buried under that pile of papers.


Creatives, artists, whatever you call them, they like harmonious workspaces, lots of light, and big desks where they can get to work without having to worry about finding out where to put everything. Lots of drawer space and even secondary work surfaces can help you expand comfortably if you’re a creative.

The Executive

Whether the job title matches the behaviour or not, executives love big, bold, powerful desks and enjoy it when their work spaces becoming meeting hubs. Powerful colours like ebony will give you a sense of authority and purpose at your desk and solid wood is a great material to create a sense of confidence.


If you were the child who took apart the clock to figure out how it worked, you may be a mechanic, and that means that you like your work space to be dynamic. Multiple work stations and a workspace less bound by typical rules create a movement and variety that allows the mechanic to thrive. In an office setting, combining shared and private space works well, while at home, a desk for everyday tasks can be offset by a drafting table for focused work.


Cleanliness and organization is crucial for the minimalist and they may prefer something like our X-base desk, long and spacious with little ornamentation, plenty of room underneath and minimal drawer space. Drawers are just a temptation to clutter, hiding disorganized papers away. While they may be out of sight, for the true minimalist, it’s never out of mind.

If you’re thinking about remaking your home office, take a look at Woodcraft’s solid wood desks and office collections. It doesn’t matter how you like to organize your workspace, a solid wood desk built to fit your office, made out of the material and colours you want will go a long way toward improving your productivity. In addition to a variety of executive-style desks, we also offer designs like our country student desk or the New Yorker, which you can see at any Woodcraft showroom. They’re smaller and easier to move, but all solidly made at our workshop in Markham. At Woodcraft, we also make gorgeous bookcases out of oak, pine, maple, and even vintage cherry for your office or library, perfect for professionals and book lovers alike. Stop by or check out our collection of desks for ideas for your office.

How To Take Care of Vintage Cherry Furniture

Vintage cherry wood has long been a material coveted by customers of solid wood furniture. It offers a rich, reddish brown colour that’s deep and distinguished, not to mention impossible to fake. Cherry heartwood is best known for its darkening properties; when it’s exposed to light, it darkens with age, creating a richer colour. It’s easy to work with, producing a smooth finish, and the grain is remarkably straight and uniform. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular material; we love to work with it and our customers love its stability and depth of colour. Vintage cherry is an investment, even if you take advantage of our 5 percent off vintage cherry promotion, so you want to be able to care for it appropriately, to keep it looking its best.

When you first bring home a new table, there are a few rules to follow while the wood finishes curing so that it does not dry out or become too moist, swelling, cracking, or warping. If you’re bringing the piece home during the winter, dry air from heating can cause the wood to contract too much. Woodcraft furniture is made with the knowledge that it will shrink, but it’s important that the wood does so according to specifications, so use a humidifier and keep humidity around 40 to 45 percent for the best results.

Other tips to make sure the wood cures properly is opening up any drawers for an hour every day so that the insides cure properly. It’s also important that you not use any solvents or water in the first 30 days, and avoid placing any hot or cold objects (warm plates, cold drinks) on it. Long-term, it’s a good idea to keep the table in a part of your home where it will avoid direct sunlight, which can cause the wood to fade or change over time.

After this 30 day period, furniture experts disagree on how to clean a solid wood table. Some suggest using oil soap or wax, but if you have a Woodcraft cherry dining table, we do not recommend using these products. All you need to do is dust frequently and wipe down the table with a damp cloth, followed by a dry one that you should use to buff the wood along the grain.

Hiding scratches can be accomplished with iodine, which will colour in the scratch, although other DIY measures include using coffee grounds, teabags, or even the meat of a walnut or pecan. It can take some work to get the colours to match; for example, if you apply a teabag, you may need to apply more to get the right darkness. You can use these tips to get by day-to-day, because scratches are an inevitable part of life, but to truly restore your vintage cherry table, have it refinished by Woodcraft. Not only are we experts with wood, we do everything by hand, stripping the damaged and scratched surface and applying a new finish that will give your dining table a new life. Just give us a call if you have any questions about caring for or refinishing your vintage cherry dining table.

Great Furniture Ideas For Up North

Cottage Country is your getaway, your weekly vacation, your little piece of paradise-on-earth – but it can all too easily become your lakeside storage unit, too. How many times have been here: you bought a new bed frame or a dresser and instead of getting rid of the old one you simply take it to the cottage. Anytime one of your adult children moves with extra furniture (the same stuff you lent them when they first moved out), it’s back to the cottage with it. It’s convenient, but it can leave your summer home looking a little improvised, and eclecticism isn’t always the answer.

Just imagine, though, what it would be like if your cottage country home were furnished to reflect the peace and quiet of the lake, the natural tranquility of the woods, or the rustic country setting. Your surroundings play a big part in your mood and mental well-being, and interior design is no exception. Colours, furniture, and layout all affect your state of mind and when you come up to the cottage for a weekend to escape the chaos of the city and unwind, it’s important that you’ve created a relaxing atmosphere for yourself. Here are just a few decorating ideas from the Woodcraft team that use solid wood furniture to establish a calm and relaxing atmosphere up north.

#1 Wood Chic

Wood doesn’t have to evoke farmhouse traditionalism or rustic country living, it can also be used for a stylish contemporary look, especially with a salvaged wood dining table like our Industrial Leg Live Edge Table. Paired with Edison bulbs and bar-style stools, it makes a great kitchen island for pancake brunches and morning coffee with a book. You can also check out our Lakefield Dining Table at any Woodcraft showroom, a unique piece that combines old and new in the form of re-purposed barn beam wood.

#2 Rustic Traditions

For some, cottage country is all about simplicity and pastoral comforts, so they opt for rustic wood furniture. There are plenty of great treasures at antique stores and used furniture shops throughout cottage country, but if you find the perfect piece that’s just a little too chipped and worn, or in the wrong colour, you can always bring it into Woodcraft to be professionally refinished. Besides offering a wide range of stains and custom colours blended to match, we also strip everything by hand instead of soaking pieces, which is a process which degrades glue and loosens joints.

#3 Elegance in the Bedroom

An all-wood bedroom set including the bed, side table, and wardrobe is a great way to create a warm and uniform aesthetic where you lay your head. We recommend using red or brown colours to create intimate and relaxing atmospheres and matching the bed with the night table, dresser, and footboard. When you shop with us, you can get the dimensions and combinations that you want in your bed set, as well as white glove delivery, even to cottage country.

Focus on the furniture you want and let us handle the rest. Visit any one of our showrooms in the GTA, in Markham, Mississauga, and Whitby and we’ll help you furnish your cottage paradise.

Your Easter Dinner Hosting Guide

Easter is coming up faster than you think and if you’re planning on hosting dinner, it’s never too soon to start planning. The weather will be getting warmer, university-aged children will be wrapping up finals and coming home for the summer, and summer vacation plans are in the mix. For many, Easter is the last chance to get the family together until Thanksgiving as busy summer plans take over. Any holiday where you invite your friends and family to share your home can be hectic and stressful, which is why the Woodcraft team has put together a quick guide that we hope will make hosting dinner easy.

#1 Dinner

There are two classic Easter dinners, glazed ham and roast lamb, but there are dozens of spin-offs and ideas you can use to freshen things up. There are plenty of great alternatives for those sick of the usual Easter ham, including Cornish game hens, roast pork recipes, pork shoulders, or even braciole, an Italian-style flank steak Easter dinner. Make sure you plan out the ingredients early and get your shopping done well ahead of time, and give yourself enough time to actually cook on the day of.


#2 Easter Egg Hunt

If you have younger children, or you’re inviting family or friends over who do have small kids, why not plan an Easter egg hunt? If the weather is nice enough, you can use your backyard to hide treats, rather than risk the kids tearing apart your home, but if you’re not worried about a couple overturned sofa cushions, the living room is fine, too. Just make sure you write down all the hiding places – you don’t want to forget about any missed pieces.

#3 Table & Centerpiece

Easter is a chance to get creative with your table centerpiece, whether you want flowers, candles, eggs, or even chocolates to form the major motif. If you have a long guest list, you can also use place settings to keep things orderly when it’s time for dinner – not to mention easing over any tensions that might exist between different guests. Check out some great centerpiece ideas for the holiday and decide whether you want to focus on spring flowers, painted eggs, or other spring-themed decorative ideas.

Not enough room at the dining table for the guest list you’ve put together? You’re not just investing in a new dining table for Easter dinner; if you’re always hosting the holidays, an elegant, custom wood dining table that will fit a growing family is essential to opening up your home to friends and family alike. A bigger dining table is a must for couples who love hosting dinner parties and making their home the center of the action during the holidays. A custom wood dining table from Woodcraft will help you open up your home and bring your dreams of big family holidays to life.

You can also complete your kitchen with solid wood furniture like sideboards and buffet hutches as well in a wide variety of woods and stains. You can take a look at our full list of dining tables and other kitchen and dining room furniture, all of which we can deliver and assemble right in your home. If you want your home to be full and busy with the warmth of family and friends through all of the holidays, invest in a Woodcraft table that can host them all comfortably. There’s nothing more precious than seeing your loved ones throughout the year.