A Proven Recipe For Satisfying Furniture

Over thirty years ago, we started a company with a straightforward name and a simple philosophy. We thought Canadians were the kind of people who would buy well styled, reasonably priced, custom crafted, solid wood furniture if we offered it for sale. It turns out we were right, and more than three decades later we’re still making furniture with the original recipe.

The Wood

We enjoy an abundance of high quality soft and hard woods here in Canada. Pine, oak, maple, ash and cherry are arguably the finest woods available for making fine furniture, and they‘re all found right here. At Woodcraft, we don’t build furniture made from exotic hardwoods or cheap, fast growing softwoods or veneers on toxic composites. Our furniture is crafted from kiln dried stock cut from sustainable forests, and it’s built to last and last.

The Craft

To be honest, the making of fine furniture hasn’t improved much over the last few hundred years. That’s why, at Woodcraft, we use time tested construction methods to ensure that our furniture stays solid and beautiful as time passes.

The Customer

We’ve crafted and finished thousands of dining tables, beds, dressers, cabinets – all shapes and sizes and colours of every kind of furniture – and each piece was made to order for a Woodcraft customer. We think your furniture should fit your lifestyle, your family, your sense of style to a tee. And though it may not make a visible difference, we also think your furniture should be built to stay with you through the years.

But you can leave that to us.

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