1974: It was a modest beginning. When we gathered our woodworking tools and set up shop in the old barn at Markham Road and Steeles Avenue—on what was then the very edge of Toronto—we had no idea where our passion for creating furniture would lead us. Sadly, the barn is no longer with us, but the memories of the successes we enjoyed there, as well as the trials and tribulations that are part of every budding business will stay with us always.

We began by making furniture for our friends and acquaintances, then to a wider group of people who liked our furniture and our dedication.

In 1979, one of the first Woodcraft advertisements outlined our philosophy and set a tone for the future that we have adhered to to this day: “Five Solid Reasons To Shop at Woodcraft – Solid Quality, Solid Price, Solid Craftsmanship, Solid Wood, and a Solid Guarantee”.
That simple, straightforward approach resonated with Toronto area people and we’ve never looked back.

By 1980, we were a firmly established, all-Canadian company. In the years following, Woodcraft expanded slowly to better serve a growing customer base, with a workshop and showroom in Markham, stores in Whitby and Mississauga, local delivery to southern Ontario and shipping across Canada and the U.S.

Today, our custom, solid wood furniture is known across the world for its superior quality, its elegance, and its lasting value. It looks like being born in a barn isn’t necessarily a hindrance to success.