3 Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

September 30th, 2022 Blog

As you ease the last piece of furniture into an empty spot in your living room, you wonder — can I keep this wooden furniture as clean and charming as day one?

Yes, you can! Cleaning hacks are plentiful and range from the simplest (wiping in circular motions) to advanced cleanings, such as buffing to maintain a smoother wood surface. Home centres and online stores in Canada also offer a wide selection of cleaning products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize DIY materials from your pantry.

To get started, check out the top 3 tips on how to clean wood furniture.

Tip #1: Dust Wood Furniture

Apart from keeping your wood furniture in good condition, frequent dusting ensures that you can spot issues immediately (e.g., chipping parts and edges that require buffing). To clean wood furniture:

  1. Remove decor, pillows, or cloth coverings from your table.
  2. Wipe the wood surface clean using a clean cloth.
  3. Soak the fabric in water, wring it to remove excess water, and wipe the furniture following the grain. Use a microfiber cloth, and wipe the wooden furniture dry.

Consider the location of your home when deciding how often you’d do the dusting. If your house is located near roads or traffic and you have open windows, your furniture could benefit from dusting weekly. Or, if you’re near the grassland or forested regions of Canada, think about wildfire season (usually the driest time of the year). Wildfires bring with them harmful dust particles, so make sure to clean your furniture immediately.


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Tip #2: Clean Wood Furniture With Cleaners

Specific wood problems call for particular wood cleaners. Below is a list of cleaning solutions or cleaners that you can use to clean your furniture pieces:

  • For grime buildup, try mineral spirits. Add a bit of mineral oil to a cloth and wipe the furniture until the grime is removed. Test this in a small portion of your furniture to check if the oil doesn’t harm the wood.
  • Water and rubbing alcohol are effective for removing mildew. Scrub the mouldy area using a brush and then apply the cleaning solution to the place where there’s mildew.
  • If the top coat of the furniture is fading and looks less shiny, use a DIY wood furniture polish for refinishing. Soak a soft cloth in a polishing solution of olive oil (one cup) and white vinegar (one-fourth cup) and wipe the furniture following the grain. Don’t forget to buff the furniture until it becomes shiny.


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Pro Tip

A soft, dry cloth is the best wood cleaning tool because it can effectively remove dust and dirt from your wood furniture without releasing dust particles into the air.

Tip #3: Remove Stains From Wood Furniture

If you’re the type who will not let stains stay in your furniture for long, you’re less likely to need deep cleaning. Usually, there’s not enough time in the day to pick up cheesecloth and wipe the upholstery and wooden parts of your furniture.

Good thing there are cleaning hacks and tips you can rely on to get rid of mild and challenging stains. For mild stains, wet the cloth with water and dishwashing liquid solution, wipe the water stains, and finally, utilize a soft cloth for drying the wood surface. Toothpaste and baking soda solution can do the trick for tough water marks. Dab the clean cloth into the cleaning solution and wipe the stains in circular motions until the stain is removed. Use a dry, clean cloth when you wipe the furniture dry.


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Protecting your wooden furniture sets isn’t so different from protecting other assets. Like a yearly inspection of your house, you’d need to check if it requires deep cleaning and another layer of furniture polish to restore it to its former glory.

Over time, dusting your furniture pieces, cleaning them with the proper cleaning solution, and removing stains from the entire piece will feel like good habits — habits that will make your future self feel thankful.


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FAQs on 3 Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

What is the best cleaner to clean wood furniture?

One of the best cleaners for wood furniture is the water and mild dishwashing liquid solution because it’s efficient and cost-effective. This cleaner is easy to make with materials you can collect from your kitchen.

Can I clean wood furniture with vinegar?

Yes. White vinegar is a tried-and-tested cleaning hack used by wood furniture experts. The cleaning properties in white vinegar are potent but not harmful to wood furniture.

How do you clean old wood furniture without ruining it?

A simple solution of water and dishwashing gel can clean old wood furniture. Wring the cloth soaked in the solution to avoid slathering the furniture with excess water and wipe it with a dry cloth.