3 Trendy Ideas To Help Modernize Your Dining Room This Christmas

December 13th, 2017 Blog

Dining rooms have changed a fair bit over the years – nowadays, they’re a far cry from the linoleum-floored kitchens of yore, with their olive green brocade drapes and upholstered metal chairs. But then, the 70s was a different time, right? One thing that hasn’t changed all that much is the table at the centre of the dining room; pretty much throughout history, the mark of a aesthetically pleasing dining room has been a solid wood table, especially during the Christmas holidays. With mid-century modernism swinging back into vogue, what’s old has now become new, and we at Woodcraft couldn’t be more thrilled that time and again, people are choosing to deck their holiday dining rooms out with hand crafted Canadian wood furniture, and give our pieces away as gifts.

With the Christmas season in swing, now’s the right time to start looking at various ways to modernize your dining room – not overhaul it completely, but give it a bit of an update in time for holiday entertaining. At Woodcraft, we keep our ear to the ground (and, yes, we’re not ashamed to say we even look at a fair amount of Pinterest boards), so we figure we have a good handle on current trends, and our uniquely designed solid wood furniture certainly reflects that. To that end, let’s take a look at some of the current trends for dining room furniture, and give a few examples of how to pull them off.

Minimalist Designs

Simple lines: in a nutshell, that’s how minimalism pertains to furniture. While some people still opt for ornately designed buffet hutches and sideboards (which definitely have their charm, especially when you’re carving a big turkey!), many people have started gravitating towards simpler, sleeker and sparser designs, making use of open space in their dining room. For an elegant example of minimalism in furniture, check out our Boulevard Table, a geometrically straightforward design accented subtly by a bevelled edge on the tabletop – it makes a great holiday gift for that trendsetter in your life. Or check out the Queen West Dining Table, whose clean line and industrial-inspired design really pop in an open space.

Reclaimed Wood

This trend is on fire right now (not literally, of course), and it’s easy to see why: furniture pieces, like our reclaimed wood dining tables or coffee tables, take a piece of wood with history and character and create a wholly unique statement. That lived-in, time-sculpted look matches perfectly with a natural colour palette and antique accompaniments. Plus, it’s cool to wonder what the wood was used for in its past life! If you want to introduce some reclaimed wood character into your dining room for holiday entertaining, check out our Austin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, which features an epoxy-finished slab of reclaimed wood atop a polished steel base.

Live Edges

Similar in its charm to reclaimed wood, another trend right now is having wood furniture with a “live edge”. But whereas reclaimed wood gets its character from the fact that it was previously used, usually industrially, live edge furniture gets its character from quite the opposite: the fact that you can still see nature’s mark on the wood. See, what live edge means is that the edges of the wood are left untreated, in all their knotty, knobbly glory, as a reminder of nature. This really works well if you’re cultivating a natural, unfussy vibe in your dining room, or you’re looking for a gift for that naturalist in your life. Paired with an earthy centrepiece like a pine branch or pine cone, maybe some balsam fir incense, this table will absolutely get questions from your Christmas dinner guests.

If you’re looking to modernize your dining room, or give the gift of solid wood furniture this Christmas, give us a call and ask about our delivery service and our deals on solid wood furniture going on right now. The holiday season is the perfect time to start reevaluating the design in certain rooms of your house, and you may as well start where everyone gathers together.