3 Ways To Redecorate Your Cottage This Autumn

September 10th, 2017 Blog

It is a truth acknowledged all over Ontario that a weekend at the cottage is the finest way to relax and recharge your batteries. Toronto, especially, can be a rat race, and so it’s vitally important that we have these sorts of sanctuaries where we can go and enjoy the finer things in life, whatever that means to you – family, a BBQ dinner with a few beverages, or just relaxing next to a good book. To that end, everything in your cottage should be carefully curated to maximize enjoyment and minimize frustration. Your cell phone should be on mute, your pantry should be stocked with your favourite foods, and your furniture should be sturdy, beautiful and functional. In this post, we’re going to look at three ways you can redecorate your cottage this Autumn to get the most out of it, with an emphasis on our passion, solid wood furniture.

Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Whatever games and raucous conversations you get up to in the kitchen and living room, you want to know that when you hit the hay, things will be serene and comfortable. At Woodcraft, we make solid wood bedroom furniture with an eye toward comfort, crafting each piece to work alone or as part of a bedroom set. What you don’t want is to crawl into a ramshackle bed at the end of a long day driving and swimming, with its one leg that creaks back and forth as you toss and turn. There’s something so satisfying hopping into a solid, well-built bed, and the choice we give you to pick your stain means that you can tailor it to your cottage walls. We like the Simply  Country Sleigh Bed as a cottage choice, because of its country-style design and high footboard; you should see it in a red cherry stain – it’s really something to behold.  However you fashion your bedroom, one this is for certain: make sure your window screens are intact and your door is shut, because every year those mosquitoes seem to double their efforts.

Make Your Living Room Into An Activities Space

If the bedroom is the quiet space, the living room is its opposite. You want the space to be conducive to fun and leisure, which usually means not overcrowding it – just a simple couch and rustic, live edge coffee table on one side, a fireplace (ideally) on the other side, and a nice open space in between. If you wanted somewhere to stow your TV and board games, our Brent 74” Console w/ Hutch is a classic entertainment unit with lots of storage that would fit in perfectly to a cottage. Or for something a little smaller, our Turnbuckle TV Unit combines that salvaged look of an old workbench with a contemporary design and practical storage space.

Make Your Kitchen/Dining Room The Social Centre

There’s something uniquely comforting about sitting around a table with friends or family at the cottage, catching up on everyone’s life over a meal and a few drinks, or playing an intense round of crib or euchre. Whether your table in the kitchen (as in some smaller cottages we’ve seen) or a dining room, the social centre of the cottage needs a piece of furniture befitting its importance, and an oak dining table offers that, with elegance and space enough to fit everyone. Oh, and oak is pretty forgiving, meaning that if someone doesn’t use a coaster, you won’t have too much trouble getting rid of the water ring! With a tasteful centrepiece in the middle of the table, and a few copper pots hanging on the wall, you’ve got yourself one rustic kitchen or dining room.

Other than that, really, it’s all about making sure the deck has some comfortable lounge chairs, and the BBQ has enough fuel. Autumn is a great time at the cottage, with the weather cooling off just enough that you can spend all day outdoors and all evening inside, and redecorating with solid wood makes it just that much better.