4 Office Furniture Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Impress

April 9th, 2018 Blog

With the oncoming glut of good weather and holidays, the last thing you probably want to think about is the office. After all, the sun is starting to shine through the window. But your office doesn’t need to be gloomy or drab, and in fact sprucing it up a little might change how you feel about the office in ways you hadn’t expected. Improving your physical surroundings can have a real positive psychological impact on the way you feel.

This is all to say that spring is the ideal time to start shopping for new office furniture, because if you can’t be out there, you might as well make in here as nice as possible. This article will go through a few office furniture ideas, each of which you can find at Woodcraft online or in the store, that are guaranteed to both improve your mood and impress your colleagues and clients.

A Unified Collection

In your surroundings, you want to aim for harmony, balance. The easiest hack to make this happen is to buy your furniture in a collection rather than piece-by-piece. At Woodcraft, we offer a number of office furniture collections, appealing to wide range of tastes, but all rooted in our core principle of timeless quality and design. Take for instance the Downton Office Collection, which includes a desk, file cabinet and a bookcase, each made in the classic West Indies style with rope trim and detailed rope knobs adorning the jutted edges and raised panels. Or consider our Prince Charles Office Collection, in the French contemporary style, making use of the sophisticated interplay between wood and brass. As with most our furniture, you get a choice of wood type and stain as well, meaning that you can tailor the collection easily to your office’s existing décor.

A Desk That Ties The Room Together

For a more streamlined approach, just go for a desk. In this increasingly tech-connected world, the need for paper storage is dwindling, so it might be the case thatyou only need a desk, one that sits a computer, a coffee cup and a stack of important books or document, and you’re set. The New Yorker Desk is an elegant, straightforward desk with a clean, modern design and brushed nickel knobs. It is a refined, simple statement that can easily tie together a minimalist office.

A Work Station

For more space, and a more undisturbed work environment, consider perhaps a work station. Essentially a desk with an attached hutch, the work station is meant to back against a wall, giving its user the ability to focus solely on they’re work, without the open view of a standard, room-facing desk. Our Georgetown Work Station, for example, features tapered feet and bevelled trim, with ample storage and desk space. If you want to see the Georgetown Work Station – or, indeed, any of our pieces – in person, call us anytime or come down to one of our showrooms.

A Modern Touch

Finally, for the metropolitan office you can’t go wrong with a modern collection of furniture. Modern furniture, with its clean lines and simple, natural designs, communicates to colleagues, bosses and clients that you approach your work in a similar manner – streamlined and contemporary. Take a look at our Modo Office Collection, which we’re very proud of, mixing together a sleek design with careful craftsmanship. If you want your office to be a tranquil place, with lots of open space, modern furniture is the way to go.

So, the weather might be warming up outside, but being inside doesn’t have to be all that bad. Your consolation prize is that you get to choose from a wide array of stunning office furniture to decorate your workspace. You might even notice that colleagues are spending more time in your office – that’s just the attractive power of solid wood furniture at work!