4 Reasons Why Cherry Wood Furniture is Popular in 2019

May 14th, 2019 Blog

4 Reasons Why Cherry Wood Furniture is Popular in 2019

Those who buy furniture that’s been handcrafted to ensure unparalleled craftsmanship and quality usually care a great deal about design. This doesn’t mean that they only care about functional features, they’re after style as well.

As with any aspect of interior decorating that’s followed closely but millions of would-be home designers, what’s new is always in demand. Sometimes, however, what’s old becomes new again with fresh, contemporary designs and renewed popularity. This year, that’s exactly what has become the case with the recent widespread obsession for cherry wood furniture.

While cherry wood furniture isn’t exactly new to the world of finely crafted furniture-making, it has seen a recent boost in popularity due to its capacity to blend function and style in a specific way and has recently become the most highly prized material for furniture in North America. Here’s a more detailed account for any of our readers who are keen on following the latest trends in furniture design:

1. Beautiful Colour

Despite its strength and sturdiness, the number one reason why cherry wood has become one of the most valued materials for furniture among different types of wood is because of its stunning hue. When you consider how a collection like our Rosedale shown in speckled cherry stands out in any room, it’s easy to appreciate how unique and beautiful cherry wood appears.

2. Stunning New Designs

Cherry Wood hasn’t only become popular among furniture collectors, but designers have also taken a shine to this beautiful material. It’s easy to see why these latest designs – like a vintage cherry wood dining table – are making cherry more popular lately. Whether you’re interested in a mid-century, art deco, traditional, or more contemporary look, you can find a signature piece made with cherry wood that’s perfect for your home. And if you can’t find an item that’s suits you just right, you can always have a cherry wood table or bedroom set custom made.

3. Built to Last Generations

Cherry wood is extraordinary durable and resistant to decay, which is why furniture made from this material is designed to last for more than one lifetime. Unlike furniture made from ultra-modern materials, hand-crafted furniture is made with traditional techniques that have been perfected over centuries to result in the kind of quality and longevity that no other kind of furniture making can guarantee.

4. Long-term Trends in Furniture

Trends in solid wood furniture come and go, but the attractiveness and practicality of handcrafted solid wood has always made it a popular choice for centuries.

Given its beauty, strength, and newfound popularity, cherry wood is definitely one option you should keep into consideration when choosing new furniture. If you’re looking for the perfect marriage of a material that is enormously popular, with a one-of-a-kind design that looks absolutely stunning, then cherry wood is the material for you!