4 Solid Wood Gift Ideas For The Holidays

October 6th, 2017 Blog

Shopping for the holidays is a funny thing; you want to get your loved ones a gift they’ll actually use, while still impressing them with a bit of a “wow” factor, and because of this it can be difficult – if not downright impossible-seeming, at times – to figure out what to get them. Clothing can be a real crapshoot, as you have to account not only for their taste (an ever-shifting opinion, if you have teenagers) but also the size and fit, so it’s no wonder December 26th is the busiest day for returns and exchanges.

Why not give them something timeless, something undeniably good looking and useful to boot? You probably guessed it already – why not give them Woodcraft wood furniture this holiday season, a gift that will last decades, appreciating in value while it’s appreciated by its user. Whenever they use it, for decades to come, they’ll think of you – something you can’t quite say for a cell phone, which tends to have a lifespan of about two years. Here, we’ll look at five gift ideas, each made of solid Canadian wood, and who in your family you might give it to.

For the working parent – The Glenn Executive Desk

This desk just oozes class, with its bevelled trim, turned feet, sophisticated array of stain options and robust structure. For the mom or dad in your life who works in an office, or for that matter anyone who likes a good corner of the house where they can think, read, write and manage papers. If this is a tad too “buttoned up” for your tastes, also check out our more modern styles, like the Parkdale Desk, with its hip metal framing and wormy maple, or our Waterfall Desk, which evokes a Mid-Century modern design.

For the kid heading back to college – The Brent Bedroom Collection

Ok, so this one is for more than just your kid heading back to college; it’s one of our all-around amazing solid wood bedroom sets and it comes complete with a bed, nightstand, armoire and more. It is a unified statement that pulls any room together, and comes with a custom choice of wood – maple, pine, oak, to name a few – as well as your choice of stain.

For the fashionista in your family – The Highland Armoire

Most of us likely have someone in our lives that goes gaga for clothes, and while, as mentioned, it’s a little dicey trying to give them clothes as a Christmas gift, you can definitely give them a beautiful place to store those clothes. Our Highland Armoire is the right mixture of rustic and modern, a perfect statement piece for someone who knows what looks good.

For the Gamer – The Brent 84” TV Console With Hutch

This sizeable entertainment unit is perfect for that person in your family, young or old, who enjoys gaming, or just kicking back and watching Netflix. With a great deal of storage capacity, this can be your catch-all entertainment unit, holding your TV, speakers, gaming consoles, books, and whatever else you want to store. It pairs well with any of our solid wood coffee tables, also; if you go online, you can view our live edge coffee tables available in all sorts of stains.