4 Stunning Varieties of Wood Used in Handmade Furniture

August 12th, 2019 Blog

Handmade Furniture

Whether you’re ordering a classic design from our product line or opting to invest in a custom made piece, the choices of wood available to you are broad. Choosing the perfect grain, color, and texture of wood to match your home – and even to perfectly fit the style you’ve picked out – is everything.

You can try to look at photos, but they’ll only tell you part of the story, so here’s a little more detail of what’s available to help you achieve an impeccable look. Take a look and then call us for more information about what options are available.

1. Pine

The first thing to consider when choosing a type of wood is the difference between hardwood and softwood. Pine is a softwood, which contributes to making it affordable and lightweight. Although most varieties of woodwork well with most décor, the lighter colour of pine can be used in very specific ways. If you’re thinking of opting of pine, then make sure that it will match well with the room where it will end up.

2. Oak

There’s a reason why oak is one of the most popular varieties of wood to use in furniture making – and when we say popular, we’re talking thousands of years. Just take one look at a solid oak dining table and you’ll appreciate how the texture just seems to relish its own extraordinary blend of durability and beauty.

When it comes to colour, you can choose between straight-up white oak, which has a colour that lands somewhere between grey and brown, or red oak, which is similar to white oak but with a reddish touch. Either way, the hue you’ll end up with is a delicate medium between the colour of most varieties of wood, which makes it easy to incorporate into your home and, again, very popular.

3. Maple

Maple is another hardwood, which is even heavier than oak but has a lighter colour. The rich density of this strain of wood make it ideal for a piece that you’d choose to put up with wear and tear over the years. One of the most popular uses of this variety is in maple bedroom furniture because it offers such a rich and elegant look.

4. Vintage Cherry

Vintage cherry wood is a very dark and dense wood, which is perfect for traditional items. One of the ways that people tend to order vintage cherry is for custom solid cherry wood furniture because it’s distinct look lends itself well to one-of-a-kind pieces. If you’re looking for a variety of wood that’s versatile enough to look great in either traditional or contemporary designs, then you might want to consider an item made of vintage cherry.

While all of these options are frequently used in furniture making, they are far from the only varieties available to you when you order a custom piece of furniture. Take a look at our extensive range of products –or contact us directly – to find out what variety will suit your home the best.