5 Benefits of Handcrafted Furniture

May 12th, 2020 Blog

5 Benefits of Handcrafted Furniture

There are very few products that you can buy today that are finely crafted by hand by professionals. That’s because, over the past century, a good deal of marketing was created with the intention to convince people to buy inferior products that cost less but which were of far inferior quality.

Quality Built

When skilled craftspeople build furniture by hand, it ends up dramatically different in comparison to a similar item that has been mass produced by machines. Perhaps the most important difference is the quality of the product that you get when it is handmade in our workshop as opposed to mass produced to sell quick.

Custom Options

Unlike cheaply made items that are all built to be identical, handcrafted products allow for customizations that are tailored to the client. This means that many of the features of your final product can be chosen specifically by you to suit your particular tastes. Some of the options that are commonly custom picked by customers at Woodcraft include:

  • Kind of Stain
  • Variety of Wood
  • Texturing
  • Size

When it comes to furniture, one of the most common factors that motivates a personal selection in custom design is a concern that the item properly fit the décor already present in the owner’s home.

Usually these choices result in a request to alter things like stain, texture or wood. Occasionally, however, furniture is built according to custom specifications for other purposes, such as decreasing the size of a particular item to suit a child’s room.

If you’re interested in ordering solid wood products by Woodcraft with a custom design, the best way to find out whether a specific alteration can be made is to simply get in contact with us. Chances are that if it is possible, we will accommodate to your need in order to bring you the exact final product that you desire.

A One-of-a-kind Item

Unlike the furniture that you can buy in a department store, handcrafted pieces provide you with an item that is absolutely unique. There’s no better piece of furniture that you can display in your home than one that you had a part in designing yourself and is unlike any other that exists in the world. The result is an item that has personal value, which your family will want to keep in their possession always.

Heirloom Furniture

Due to the durability of solid wood and the quality that goes into building handcrafted furniture, the items that you order from Woodcraft are built to last for generations. This means that they are suitable to pass down to your family members in order to keep as heirlooms.

Statement Piece

Often the items that are available to be custom designed are of such style and quality that they work perfectly as statement pieces which stand out unlike anything else in a room. You can visit our showroom to see a few examples of this caliber of item. One that stands out is the Blue Magic Dining Table, which incorporates an epoxy fill to form a stunning solid wood tabletop.

Handcrafted solid wood furniture is unlike any other type of product that you can buy for your home. Get in contact with us today to find out more about ordering a new item for your home.