5 Perfect Father’s Day Furniture Gifts

May 17th, 2018 Blog

With Father’s Day right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to ponder what gift to give to the man who raised you. Sure, you could go the brunch route, or buy him a card and be done with it, but where’s the love in that? This Father’s Day, go for something he can both admire and use, something burly and elegant; Woodcraft solid wood furniture makes the perfect gift for any dad. Here we’ve listed five “types” of dad, and the perfect piece of furniture to get them for Father’s Day.

For The Sports Fan

Whether it’s the Jays, Leafs, Raptors, Argos or any other team that your dad follows, sports just look better when they’re imbedded in a big, beautifully constructed entertainment unit. With ample room and shelving for a sound system, speakers, movie collection, etc., our entertainment units are perfect for the dad who likes to sit back at the end of a long day, grab the remote and take in the TV. Check out our Brent, Modo, Glenn or Ottawa Valley cabinets with hutches, each with its own specific style and charm.

For The Bookworm

For the dad who has more books than he knows what to do with, the only Father’s Day gift that makes sense would be a bookcase, one worthy of his collection. Depending on the kind of guy he is, you could either go with something like the Downton book case – a regal but straightforward piece, accented by rope trim and detailed knobs – or something like our Deluxe Bookcase w/ Bevelled Glass Door, which has a more rustic feel. For something more modern and a little less conventional, check out our Framework Bookcase, a minimalist piece with a striking, maze-like design.

For The Hard Worker

Then there’s the dad who lives to work. You can normally find him in his study, plugging away at one task or another, surrounded by paperwork. When you spend that much time at a desk, you want to know that the desk is really good. You want to walk into your study or office every day and admire the custom handmade wood furniture in front of you. From the simple, sophisticated design of our New Yorker Desk, to the sleek French contemporary style of our Prince Charles Executive Desk, or the uber-minimalist lines on our Waterfall Desk, there’s a type of desk for every hardworking dad out there.

For The Foodie

Some dads get their joie de vivre from sitting around the dinner table, in front of a plate of good food and a glass of something delicious. For the foodie in the family, what could be a better Father’s Day gift than cooking up a luxurious meal and serving it to him on an immaculate new table? We make reclaimed wood tables for that rustic look, or you can go with something more classic like a glass-top table. The choice is entirely yours. At Woodcraft, we’re proud of the variety our collection of dining room tables has.

For The Saturday Morning Sleep-In

Finally, we come to the dad who just wants to sleep in a little – the dad for whom heaven is being able to unplug the alarm clock and rest undisturbed. For the comfort-seeker of the house, we have some seriously impressive beds on offer, like our Waterfall Live Edge Bed, Hampton Bed or Dunbar Bed (plus a number of other fantastic options).

Solid wood furniture makes an incredible Father’s Day gift for any type of dad. Stop by one of our showrooms to peruse different styles of furniture and be sure to check out our current promotions on the website. Solid wood for a solid dad – Happy Father’s Day!