5 Tips For A More Modern Dining Room

January 12th, 2018 Blog

There’s a tendency to want to dismiss the dining room as purely functional – you eat your meals there, and that’s about it. But a dining room is a whole lot more than just a pit stop on your way to a more glamorous room; it’s a centre of conversation, a games room, and a place where your family gets closer together or your friends come to visit, all rolled into one room. Too often, the dining room gets a basic treatment, but if you want to really create a beautiful space, one you’re excited to entertain guests in, you have to modernize. Here are five tips for creating a more modern dining room.

Solid Wood Furniture

Of course we’re going to lead with this one! Any kind of quality made wood furniture like our Metro Dining Table with Chrome Base, is the perfect marriage of functionality and modernity. As the name suggests, the base of this one is chrome, which adds a metropolitan style of sophistication to the dining room, and its simple, geometrical top is striking and minimal. It would go perfectly with our Modern Ladderback Chairs, which sports a stylish open back and clean design.


For a more modern look, a lot of people are foregoing flowers for plants – the heartier the better. This site, rounding up last year’s hottest houseplant trends (yes, the internet contains just about everything, doesn’t it?) lists Fiddleleaf fig trees, ferns and various cacti and succulents as its top picks, an opinion echoed elsewhere in the home décor world. These tough plants pair perfectly with other modern flourishes, like glass bottles (see below), copper and wood.


The reason modern home décor experts love glass is pretty simple: it allows a room to remain open. Its natural transparency tricks the eye into thinking there’s more free space than there really is, giving the room a more expansive feel. If you want to cultivate this kind of openness in your dining room, take a look at our Bergen Glass Dining Table, which in addition to having a lovely glass top also boasts a stylish Scandinavian design as its base. If you’re into modern minimalism, this is the choice for you, and you can contact us anytime to talk about getting your hands on one.

Rethink Your Lighting

Not only are we talking about the quality of light in the room, but the actual fixtures themselves. According to Trendir, a leading voice on modern design, pendants, lanterns and metallic fixtures are all fantastic for a modern flair. But perhaps the coolest one on this list is the glass bulb, which is a glass sphere about the size of a basketball that hangs from the ceiling by a simple metal strand. The website recommends trying different coloured bulbs in these, but, um, we’re not so sure that’s an idea for everyone.

Reclaimed Wood

Finally, this hot design trend is an absolute must for the modern dining room. Centering the room around a reclaimed wood dining table will add immediate character and style, with its beautifully timeworn appearance. This kind of industrial look is really in right now, and pieces like our Jackson Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Austin Reclaimed Wood Dining Table are stunning examples of the style. Pair one of these with those aforementioned bulb lights and maybe a nice fern centerpiece, and you’ve got yourself a striking, minimalist, modern dining room that your friends are going to drop their jaws over.

Creating a more modern dining room isn’t difficult, but it does take some though and consideration. If you’re looking to kick your dining room into the 21st Century, come take a look at what we have to offer.