A Few Tables that Look Stunning in Oak

September 10th, 2019 Blog

A Few Tables that Look Stunning in Oak


While solid wood is one of the most popular materials used in furniture making throughout history, oak has always been one of the most popular varieties of solid wood. The reasons for this are that it offers one of the most perfect balances of versatility, beauty, and durability of any kinds of wood on earth.


Besides these qualities that have always attracted fine craftspeople to oak, today it represents one of the most sustainable choices in the wood industry. Given all of these attractive features, it seemed a good time to provide you with an overview of some of the items we offer that people tend to prefer in oak.


That said, you should always keep in mind that here at Woodcraft, the final decision always belongs to you. That’s part of what makes custom furniture such an excellent decision.


Thornbury Dining Table


This table does an excellent job of bringing the traditional feel of a holiday feast into the contemporary setting. Since oak is a wood that tends to look very good with a delicate finish, this double pedestal design has the ability to connect you to the natural feel of the wood – especially when you choose to customize it with a rough cut texture. This table would make the perfect elegant moody dark oak dining table option for your home.


Acropolis Live Edge Dining Table


The Acropolis Live Edge Dining Table provides a breathtaking and unique design. If you’re entranced by the current popularity of live edge furniture, this table in oak will be perfect for you. The classical design of the tapered square columns of its base pairs wonderfully with the natural look of the live edge cut of its surface. If you’re looking for a dining table that will surprise your guests with its unique blend of styles, this is the table for you.


Adelaide Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


If you’re looking for a coffee table that pairs the rustic look of Canadian-sourced reclaimed wood with a modern base, this table will suit you well.  The minimalist style of this table allows the beauty of its reclaimed wood surface to take all of the attention it deserves.


Since oak also takes a variety of stains very well, don’t forget that you can choose the colour of your choice for the finish. So if you’re looking for a dark oak table option for your living room then you’ll be thrilled with the Adelaide Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.


Queens Table


If you’re interested in acquiring a round oak dining table for your kitchen or dining room, then this is the perfect option. The Queens Table is a choice that will bring a regal, yet traditional feel to your home. This table gives you the option of a round surface, which perfectly suits smaller urban dwelling but will also fit well in larger homes. The large pedestal brings a uniquely prestigious look to this modestly sized dining table.


While these four options represent a very small selection out of all of the options you have available to be made in oak, they are each well suited to this variety of wood. Whatever design, texture, and finish you ultimately decide upon, however, is entirely up to you.