A New Centrepiece for the Holidays

November 28th, 2018 Blog

centre piece for the holidays

Winter is just around the corner and many people are beginning to consider their plans for the upcoming holiday season. Very few pleasures of the season can equal that of hosting dinners for family and friends. With your loved ones gathered around the same table, there’s no better time to create cherished memories, share stories and show your appreciation to the people that matter most.

In anticipation of the season, it pays to consider the very table that will soon become the centrepiece of all this wholesome activity. Will it manage to accommodate the guests you intend to invite into your home? Is it, perhaps, a little worse for wear? Do you suspect that the elbow-to-elbow squeeze of last year’s holiday dinners might not cut it this year? Is it a table you feel proud to gather your family and friends around?

If you suspect that your current dining room table may not be an ideal setting for your upcoming time with your family and friends, we’re here to help. As your source for dining room tables in Toronto for over 40 years, we believe that a dining room table should be as unique and memorable as the people gathered around it and that a good table should last you a lifetime.

In choosing the right dining room table for your family, we have no shortage of options to offer. At Woodcraft, we carry lots of dining room tables and have no shortage of unique centrepieces to choose from. From the timeless beauty of our “Woodcraft Classic,” to the rustic, one-of-a-kind elegance of our Jackson Reclaimed Wood dining tables, each of our pieces is custom built to fit your space, your budget and your style.

To ensure that you choose the table that will fit your home best, consider:

  • The ideal size – Consider how many guests you’re expecting for the holidays. Then measure the size of your dining area. In addition to the size of the table, you should ideally have three feet of room on all sides (more is better) to comfortably accommodate the people at your table. If you’re looking to make extra space for the holidays, you might be interested in tables with end extensions, or extension leaves. Incorporating bench seating may also add space around the table.


  • The ideal shape — For tighter spaces, an oval or circular shape may be ideal, allowing for greater use of the surface area.  They are also great for facilitating conversation! Solid top options, such as our St. George Dining table are also available with two or three center leaves, allowing you the choice between compact everyday use and a larger size option for special occasions. If space is less of a concern, and your dining area allows for a rectangular dining table, you may want to consider classic options, such as our handsome Long Island Dining table shown below.

custom wooden table

  • The ideal supports – The choice of the base will affect how many guests you will be able to accommodate around your dining table. A pedestal or trestle support will make for greater flexibility in your seating arrangement.


For those of you expecting family in town for a few days, or simply wanting to update your living room space for quiet time with a book, we also offer an array of unique coffee tables. A one of a kind reclaimed wood coffee table can really pull a living space together. Our Mercer Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table is a rural-chic option that will add a touch of charm to any living room.

There’s still plenty of time to make sure that all preparations are in order, so if you suspect that your dining room table may not be the ideal setting for your seasonal feasts, or are looking to update your morning nook with a coffee table, perhaps it’s time to consider a Woodcraft option.