All About Shape: Current Trends in Dining Tables

August 19th, 2019 Blog

Wooden Dining Tables

There really isn’t a more important piece of furniture to add to your home than a beautiful new solid wood dining table. Not only is this one item the centrepiece of your entire house, but it’s also where you’ll spend the most time entertaining your most important guests and family. That’s why you need a dining table that’s capable of impressing and making a bold statement about you and your family.

Even something as seemingly simple as the shape of your dining table can say a lot about the people who own it. If you’re currently unhappy with what your interior décor says about you, then you can easily give your solid wood furniture a face lift by replacing the most important item in your home – the dining table – with a new version that really suits your home. That’s why we’re here to provide some advice on what dining table shapes are currently popular and why, along with what they say about you.

1. Rectangular

If you’re going for a classic look, the rectangular-shaped dining table is your best bet. With this shape, you get to sit at the head of the table, every night, so that you can feel proud of all that you’ve provided for your family. As a traditional design, this table says you are person or family that holds traditional values – or that you know how to appreciate classic tried-and-true designs.

Not only is this shape the most traditional and most popular, but it is the most functional as well – which is why so many other table designs follow suit. For example, notice the vastly different styles in the Degrassi Dining Table, Kubric Dining Table, Double Metro Dining Table, and the Broadview chrome Dining Table. And while you check out the wide assortment of rectangle tables we have available, you should also see the fresh selection of reclaimed wood pieces that we offer.

2. Square

A square dining table helps to keep things compact and efficient, which is perfect for dense urban living, such as a condo or apartment. This shape is most favoured by young professionals and those who appreciate minimalist and functional décor. While this shape has been less common traditionally, it is quickly gaining ground among a new generation of homeowners. For a classic example that blends many of the valued aspects of a rectangle with the compact design of the square shape, take a look at the Barcelona Single Pedestal Table.

3. Round

The plain circle is another very popular shape for a dining table. Most often used in smaller dining settings, like a nook in within the kitchen, a round table provides an intimate place to share a meal. This design also eliminates any sense of a hierarchy, which may be more appealing to some. Our more popular round dining tables include the Bedford Park Single Pedestal Table and the St. George Dining Table.

These options do not exhaust the possibilities in dining table shapes, they simply represent the most popular varieties. To get a better sense of the options available to you, and those which might best fit your dining room, take a look at our selection online.