Bedroom Furniture Options for Bright and Spacious Homes

July 10th, 2019 Blog

Bedroom Furniture Options for Bright and Spacious Homes

Now that you’ve finally built or discovered your dream home and are getting ready to furnish all of its beautiful spaces, you’re probably excited to pick out a bedroom set that’s stunning enough to match your luxurious surroundings. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that solid wood furniture looks wonderful anywhere, but when you bring quality-made items into a bright spacious room, they really seem to shine.

That’s why this feature is all about matching homes that contain a lot of space and sunlight with the latest furniture choices suited to complement them. After all, when you’ve waited to invest in the home of your dreams then you ought to be able to fill it with furniture that’s beautiful enough to equal it.

Filling Open Space

One of the difficulties (and pleasures) of owning a spacious home is that it gives you an endless amount of space to decorate. For some people this can be a joy, for others, it’s a burden. Either way, what you don’t want to end up with is a gorgeous home that is spoiled by sparsely decorated rooms. After all, your day-to-day surroundings have a major impact on your psychology, so you ought to surround yourself with items that bring you joy.

The advantage of having a lot of space is that you can chose as large a bed as you desire – in fact, the bigger, the better. Given an abundance of space, our top suggestion is the Fallingbrook Bedroom Collection, which is available in a white oak that will match elegantly with bright natural light. If you’re looking for more options, the Rosedale Bedroom Collection is an excellent alternative – then again, you can always check our testimonies from satisfied customers if you’d like more advice.

Matching Your Bedroom Set with Other Furniture

It probably goes without saying but if you’re investing in a matching bedroom set, then you’ll want to make sure that any other furniture you’re looking to buy – like beautiful wood chairs or future heirloom wardrobes – should suit the style that you’ve already established in your bedroom. In this case, that will probably mean brightly coloured furniture that will reflect its spacious environment.

Thinking through French Doors

If you’re lucky enough to own a home that contains French doors included in the bedroom, then you’ll want a style of bed that is capable of matching their tone of carefree classicism. This style of door pairs well with wooden furniture, especially if finished in a plain, clear varnish. Since French doors are versatile, they may be situated at the entrance to your bedroom, but are usually attached to a balcony or patio and covered with a window treatment for privacy’s sake.

Natural Light and Large Windows

Whether you own French doors that look outside or your bedroom contains large windows, you’re going to enjoy an abundance of natural light in your bedroom. This means that you’ll have to put as much emphasis on balancing the heavy durability of solid handcrafted wood with the light, expansive disposition of a bright space.

In the 43 years that we’ve been crafting custom furniture, many options have entered the Woodcraft inventory that is designed to blend the heavy feel of wood with designs that feel practically weightless. Take a look at the options suggested here before you settle on a final purchase – you just might stumble upon the perfect piece to match your dream home.