Bookcases: The Unintentional Star of Your Virtual Meetings

July 14th, 2020 Blog

Why Your Bookcase Says a Lot about You Today

In an age of self-isolation and social distancing, you’ve probably never spent so much time looking at a screen. People with work-from-home orders now host virtual conferences with colleagues. Families catch up or celebrate special occasions over video calls. And friends chat, watch movies, or host digital dance parties from their phones.

And while the conversations you share are what matters most, something in the background might catch your eye. A wall of solid wood bookcases filled with brightly coloured books and vases are impossible to ignore.

Spying on Décor: Our New National Pastime

Whether you use Skype, Zoom, or other video chat apps, you’re streaming live video to keep in touch with important people. These digital moments are a window into their lives across the miles, showing a snapshot of your colleagues’, friends’, and family’s homes.

You can’t help but snoop and critique what you see — whether it’s a stark white wall or a professionally curated space. Almost always, a bookcase features in the background.

Why Does This Piece of Furniture Capture our Attention?

Bookcases are usually private furnishings tucked away in offices, dens, and bedrooms that only our closest loved ones see. Now, thanks to video calls, they’re on full display.

What Story Does Your Bookcase Tell?

A bookcase says a lot about you as a person. The titles on your shelves reveal your literary interests, and how you organize them exposes your priorities.

  • Do you organize alphabetically, by colour, or stack things with no rhyme or reason?
  • Are you into historical and political non-fiction books, or do you prefer light romance and thrillers?
  • Do you intersperse knickknacks, plants, or decorative accents between your books?

Even your choice of bookcase can provide insight into your sense of style. Here at Woodcraft, where we create one-of-a-kind fine wood bookcases, we’ve known this all along. We’ve spent the last 46 years handcrafting beautiful Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Pine into timeless pieces like the Barristers Bookcase.

As its namesake implies, its sturdy design wouldn’t look out of place in a lawyer’s office, but we can customize it to suit any location, profession, or décor. Perfect for collectors, its classic construction with flip-up doors keeps your special book volumes safe from dust.

For those with an interior design style as eclectic as your literary tastes, our Framework Bookcase adds a modern accent to any room. It looks particularly handsome when used to refresh a mid-century modern living room or office.

Meanwhile, our Phoenix Cabinet blends the best of both worlds with a design that’s at once rustic and refined. It’s highly customizable with your choice of woods, textures, colours, and knobs.

How Do Your Current Bookcases Hold up Under Scrutiny?

If they don’t quite make the impression you want, get in touch with us today. Whether by phone, live chat, or our online contact form, you can speak with one of our representatives about ordering handcrafted solid wood furniture.

If you live in the neighbourhood, drop by our Markham, Mississauga, or Whitby showrooms to see our work up close. We’re back open and happy to see you soon!