Choose Custom Wood Furniture for a Personal Gift

November 17th, 2018 Blog

custom wood furniture

Buying Christmas presents for that special someone usually goes one of two ways: either the perfect idea immediately hits you or you have no idea what to give the person no matter how hard you try. Getting stumped over a gift can make even the most joyful holiday seem unbearable as you count down the days remaining – that’s when you’ll want an option that absolutely everyone can enjoy.

Wood Furniture is Perfect for Everyone

Luckily, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind furniture from Woodcraft – your source for solid wood furniture – provides you with exactly that type of gift. Whether you’re buying a romantic gift for your partner, an appreciative gift for parents or in-laws, or a unique gesture of thanks to your employer, custom wood furniture gives you an option that’s both universally appreciated and wholly individual. Anyone of our designs will make an exceptional new addition to someone’s home and will represent a meaningful gesture of your care in selecting the perfect gift.

A Personalized Gift

Not only is a piece of custom furniture a gorgeous addition to any home, but it can be personalized exactly as requested to suit individual tastes. Your personalized gift will hold tremendous value for whoever receives it because they’ll know there’s only one like it in the world. Just about any home can use a new beautiful reclaimed wood table and we offer a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from, including maple, oak, vintage cherry and pine.

wood furniture gift

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

Not only will your gift be custom made to fit the personality of the special person you have in mind, but it will also be crafted from the gorgeous reclaimed wood of your choosing. Using reclaimed wood to make designer furniture is environmentally friendly since the manufacturing process does not require the need to harvest new trees. Using an epoxy finishing technique to rejuvenate reclaimed wood results in a beautiful and durable finish, capable of rivalling any newly crafted piece of furniture.

A Variety of Options

If you’re buying for a family, our solid wood dining tables will make a well-appreciated gift that can last generations with proper care. For a regal table with a timeless look that will suit any interior design that incorporates antiques and vintage styles, consider our Thornbury Dining Table. This table is available in the smooth finish usually associated with classic mid-century modernist wood furniture. It can also come in more unique rough sawn, random plane or rough cut textures, which will accentuate the raw look of our source material – perfect for someone with a more creative or stylish personality.

We also offer a wide variety of other types of designer wood tables, including coffee tables, end tables and sofa tables. A sofa table or a sideboard Christmas gift is well-suited to those who already own a dining room table since these items are often overlooked or acquired later on. This means that they can be ordered to match existing furniture.

Reclaimed wood makes a wonderful Christmas gift because it is universally appreciated, absolutely unique and offers stunning quality. Once you’ve settled on custom wood furniture as your gift of choice, the only remaining difficulty will be to choose the perfect piece of furniture from our large selection. Why not take a look today and be sure to be ready in time for Christmas?