Classic, Vintage, Modern: 3 Office Design Choices

February 5th, 2019 Blog

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A stylish office is absolutely essential for some professions. Anyone who invites clients to meetings on a regular basis should realize that a large part of their success is based on what their office says about them. An office with cheap or plain décor will impart an impression of a struggling business or practice, whereas an impressively decorated office will tell people that you are successful and impressive at whatever you do.

Perhaps you’re sitting at your place of work right now; if so, take a look around – what do your office surroundings say to you? If the answer isn’t that you’re completely knocked off your socks, then it’s time for an upgrade. Given that every penny you spend helps to advertise your abilities, you can’t make a better investment.

There isn’t a much better way to allow your office décor to speak for you than through your furniture. If you want to impress your clients, then solid wood office furniture is a perfect way to start because it’s functional and requires no difficult installation.

To help illustrate this point, let’s take a look at three popular office design choices that have always remained stylish, no matter what whims are dictated by the current trends. These three choices are, of course: classic, vintage, and modern décor themes – all it takes is a quick browse through our office collections to get a good sense of how these styles never go out of fashion.


There’s nothing more popular than the classic look when it comes to the interior design of a professional office. Whether you’re eager to convey success, wealth, or a sense of good taste – a classic look says it all. This design can be described as utilizing trends that have been around for a long while and never go out of fashion – think of a Harley-Davidson or a perfectly tailored suit – but they also employ new materials to suit each contemporary era. For a beautiful example, check out our downtown office collection in various finishes to suit any décor!


The vintage look is for the more the eclectic aficionado. By incorporating antiques, excellent artwork of all kinds, and even a few curiosities, the vintage look tells clients that they’re dealing with a more pensive, intellectual expert that gets away with a few eccentricities because they’re just that good at doing what they do best. Any new pieces of furniture you use with the vintage look should employ old materials and nostalgic designs.


The modern look is always the easiest to spot because it thrives on its own individuality. Modern designs are always unique, so they represent a professional who is at once informed of the latest ideas, while strongly expressive and a fiercely independent thinker. Mid-century and postmodern designs are among the most popular expressions of the modern look in furniture.

Whatever the personality and tone you want your office to convey to clients, make sure that it comes across in a professional manner with an elegant solid wood office set.