Colour Matching Different Stains And Solid Woods

December 18th, 2017 Blog

A question we get here at Woodcraft from time to time is how to match the colours in your home against different types of wood and different types of stain. All different woods are unique – their grain patterns and hues give them a distinct look – meaning that they’re bound to accent certain colours more than others. While there are plenty of competing opinions on the matter of what colours to pair with solid wood, we’ve noticed certain patterns, certain wood and colour combos that go particularly well together. And while we at Woodcraft are of the mind that any colour goes well with solid wood, we thought we’d take this article to spotlight a few combos that work particularly well together.

Reclaimed Wood and Beige

There’s a really big trend we’ve noticed towards old-fashioned things. You can see this in the proliferation of old-timey barbershops in the GTA, or the resurgence of plaid and beards as a fashion style. People crave the genuine article, so it’s no surprise that we’ve a lot of people to ask us about reclaimed wood, which is wood that’s been repurposed from another use (usually industrial, like a barrel or barn) and shaped and crafted into a piece of furniture.

It’s also no surprise that when pairing this unique style of wood, you want to go with other old-fashioned colours, like the beige of a burlap table runner. Reclaimed wood also pairs well with industrial style metals, like brass and polished steel. If you’re thinking about a new dining room table you should consider our Jackson Reclaimed Wood Dining Table, a truly unique piece of furniture that features a solid piece of reclaimed wood atop a metal base.

Cream Colours and Cherry Stain

This one is a natural fit. More amber colours tend to really go well with cream or off-white colours, creating a pleasing contrast. This is why you often see white drapes and tablecloths accompanying maple wood furniture. For an example of this, contact us to check out our Queens Table, which looks great in maple with a Red Cherry or San Miguel, and can be easily accentuated by cream coloured centrepieces.

Light Coloured Wood and Natural Greens

Decorating with houseplants has practically become an obsession with a lot of home décor commentators, especially succulents, like cacti and jade plants. These subtle, natural greens go great with a light coloured wood like pine. A simple piece of furniture like our Hastings Entertainment Unit, which borrows the curved edges and straight lines from Scandinavian design, would look exquisite adorned with a few carefully places succulent plants.

Dark Brown and Light Blue

Again, it’s the contrast here that makes such a striking impression, with the light blues really waking up the warmth in darker finishes like mahogany or gunstock. You can see this classic pairing in the traditional colours of Japan as well as in nature, when you look at, for example, a forest against the winter sky. It’s a very natural combination that combines warm and cold hues to create a dynamic creative expression.

If you want to start pairing solid wood with different colour combinations to add an extra element of depth to your home, you can start by contacting today to discuss the many combinations of wood type and stain we can apply to your favourite designs. Check out our dining room tables, cabinets, our selection of coffee tables and much, much more on our website to get some inspiration.

What we’ve listed here is just the tip of the iceberg! As mentioned, we at Woodcraft think that solid wood furniture has the potential to match with just about anything, and it’s only a matter of discovering your perfect colour combo. Maybe you like dark, almost black furniture with a pop of colour like turquoise, or maybe you like to keep everything mellow, choosing yellows and soft oranges to accentuate your wood furniture – you’re the boss!