Comparing Wood and Stain in Handcrafted Furniture

February 13th, 2020 Blog

Comparing Wood and Stain in Handcrafted Furniture

It may seem easy to pick out the type of wood that you want for your next dining table or bedroom set. Each variety offers differs shades of colour, density and texture, so the best option may seem to be to simply base your choice on your interior design plans, right? Actually the matter isn’t quite as simple as that.

Considering the Impact of a Stain


The reason that you can’t pick the perfect type of wood based on its appearance is that the type of stain that is applied to your furniture will often dramatically alter the colour it ends up in the end. For example, if you decide that you really love the look of a black cherry stain on solid wood dining table sets that are made out of maple wood, then you will be disappointed if you only pay attention to the variety of wood when ordering.


Different Stains on Maple

That’s because maple wood is very light in colour. If you order a maple table finished in a white stain, it would highlight the natural colour of the wood, so it would not look anything similar to the appearance of maple with a black cheery stain.


To get a better sense of the intense contrast, take a look at the options available in our website inventory. When you look at the different shades of raw wood, there is much less of a difference in appearance than between the different colours of stain on maple.


The Beauty of Oak


If you’re looking for solid oak furniture for your next purchase, you’re going to get a fairly dense variety of wood. The greater the density gives the wood greater durability as well, which is why oak has been one of the most popular kinds of wood to use in building furniture for centuries.


Stain on Reclaimed Wood


One of the reasons that reclaimed wood has become so popular is that old, weathered sources can be refinished to look beautiful again after a stain is applied. If you buy a reclaimed wood table to be custom made, you can work with the designer to ensure that the finish comes out as you prefer.


Understanding How Finishes Work


No stain will always come out the exact same way every time, because the finished product depends on the interaction between that particular wood and the stain. But that’s why gaining a better understanding of how stains work can help you to ensure that the custom furniture that you order turns out right.

When adding new furniture to your interior design, you can either include a variety of types of wood finishes or you can attempt to match with the colour of wood that is already in your home. The latter of these options is much more difficult because it is very hard to pick out a stain and wood combination to match before you see the final product.


The most important part of making custom selections when ordering handcrafted solid wood furniture is that you end up with furniture that you enjoy for years to come. Call us to learn more about your options in wood variety and stain before your next order.