Considering the Merits of Wood Varieties

November 10th, 2018 Blog

wood table

Craftsmen and costumers alike have always been attracted to the natural beauty, durability and rustic appeal of wood. Wood is a versatile material, perfect for any space, style or purpose. Find new solid wood furniture for your home or workspace by investing in something that will last a lifetime and look better and better through the years.

People who invest in solid wood furniture understand that, unlike the particle-board used for cheap, mass-produced imitations, custom solid wood furniture is built to last.

The choice of material largely depends on the desired function of the piece of furniture you have in mind. Each choice of wood has its own merits.

Maple is perfect for high-use functionality. Maple takes all finishes well, but dark stains can be particularly appealing with this type of wood. Maple also has the added benefit of being moisture-resistant, which guarantees long-term durability. Maple is a great material for cabinets and living space furniture: it is dense, strong, highly functional and finishes well.

Cherry is another highly decorative choice, known for its attractive and distinct grain. The timber is strong and has good wear resistance. The distinctive warmth of Cherry wood, which starts off light-brown and ages into a deep reddish-brown colour, has timeless appeal.

Oak has optimum durability, able to withstand constant use. Oak is known for its beautiful open-grain markings, making it one of the most requested timbers.  If you’re looking to get a new coffee table or dining table, the rustic charm of oak, its durability, and its ability to withstand heavy use may just make it the ideal choice.

Pine is a lower density wood. Pine has been used for hundreds of years, thanks to its availability. It is softer, light-weight and affordable, and adds an element of coziness to any room. Pine is an ideal choice for bookshelves, armoires, and beds. It takes the strain and finishes beautifully. It is an affordable choice and is lighter in weight than hardwoods.

wooden table

It is also important to consider the right finish for your furniture. A finish must account for how much protection and durability the piece requires, as well as the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve. Natural oils are a penetrating finish, which will sink deep into the wood and help to achieve a natural-looking colour.

All solid wood furniture from Woodcraft is built to last for generations. Should your furniture need additional care in the future, our refinishing services will bring new life into well-loved pieces and make them look as good as new.

All our products are handcrafted, and we are able to customize the size, stain and finish to suit your space and style. We guarantee solid craftsmanship and impeccable customer service at every step.

We offer cross-Canada and U.S. delivery, with white-glove, door-to-door service. So, you can be confident that your beautiful new solid furniture will arrive in perfect condition.

The rugged and elegant beauty of our furniture is perfect for everyday use, special occasions or professional workspaces. The purchase of handcrafted wood furniture is an investment that will remain in your family for many years to come.