Create A Productive Working Atmosphere With Wooden Furniture

August 22nd, 2018 Blog, General

We’ve all got an idea of the stereotypical office: drab, off-white walls; easy to vacuum grey or brown carpet; and ugly six-foot-tall cubicles. And don’t forget the bland, pre-packaged desks and office chairs. Add to that the thousand eyed stares of the employees and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a very uninspiring atmosphere!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to the internet and shipping prices being the lowest they have ever been, it’s never been easier to ensure that your office is clean, pretty, and productive. One way of doing so is to consider real wood over the typical plastic office fare. Studies have shown that wooden furniture drastically improves productivity. You’ll find that solid wood furniture from Woodcraft adds a layer of character and aesthetic appeal the generic stuff simply will not.

The meat and potatoes of any office is the work desk. It is where you will be sitting for most of the day – so pardon me for thinking it should be something worth spending the day with! Your desk should fit your personality, and it should reflect the ‘vibe’ you want your office to have.

Are you going for a stark, minimalist look? Our Parkdale and Waterfall desks might be just what you’re looking for. Like a more classic look? Consider our Downtown Executive desk, or perhaps our Glenn Executive desk. Going for a funkier, more unique style? Take a look at our Versailles and Forest Hill desks. Visit our website to check out all the options. Maybe you’ve got something totally different in mind. Not to worry! Our custom solid wood furniture options are plentiful.

Next, consider rounding out the room with a matching cabinet and bookcase. Our Modo filing cabinet goes well with any of our desks. It can be stained and painted any hue your heart desires (all our wood products can!). A wooden bookcase adds a touch of austerity to any room. Our Downton and Glenn bookcases fill out an office space gorgeously, while our Barristers and Standard bookcases – both with glass doors – make a statement not just about your office, but about you as a person.

A hardwood coffee table is the perfect touch to make your office space even more inviting. Here at Woodcraft our wide array of coffee tables is as diverse as your clientele. Our Balustrade and Tofino coffee tables say business time. Our Mercer Reclaimed Wood and Dunbar tables invite discussion and create a communal atmosphere. So get a new coffee table for your office today!

Your office furniture should be a reflection of your personality, not a bland, plastic dystopia. There is no surer way to kill morale than to fill your office space with cheap, garish, straight out of the box furniture. Studies show what common sense tells us: an ugly working environment hurts productivity. Make sure your office space is a place you actually want to spend time in with real wood furniture. Trust us on this one. You’ll notice the difference right away!