Create Your Den With Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

September 25th, 2018 Blog

Have you ever thought of turning that barely used space in your basement into a cozy little hangout spot? Of course you have! Whether you have dreamt of creating your very own den, smoking room, or ‘man cave,’ decorating with reclaimed hardwood will turn it into a beautiful, personalized space you won’t be able to wait to show your friends! Many people believe that having a room in your house that you can escape to for a little ‘me’ time can help you relax, refocus, and ameliorate your mental health.

Reclaimed wood furniture is precisely what it sounds like: furniture that has been built using wood that has been reclaimed and repurposed from its original form. Barns, fences, warehouses, bridges, and old homes – 50-plus years ago, structures like these were commonly built using old growth wood. Here at Woodcraft we ‘reclaim’ that wood and use it to create brand new, one of a kind pieces of solid wood furniture that will undoubtedly add to the ambience of your private space.

Now, you may be worried that this furniture will be old, rotting, and flimsy – nothing could be further from the truth! Structures like the ones mentioned above were, as mentioned, often made with wood from old growth trees. Today, old growth trees are off-limits to loggers, meaning that most modern wooden furniture is built using fresh, young wood. And while it might be beautiful, it is most certainly not nearly as strong. Our expert woodworkers only use wood that is sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

At the heart of your den will be a gorgeous reclaimed wood coffee table – a piece that adds a rustic, old world charm to your space. A coffee table like this will be perfect whether you plan on keeping the space to yourself – a relaxing little escape in which you can read and listen to music – or inviting your friends in for Scotch and cigars. We undoubtedly carry something that would fit your space like a glove. It is simply up to you to decide what style of table will fit your space. Do you want something modern like our Portland or Adelaide reclaimed wood coffee tables? Or something more ‘rustic-chic’ like our Jackson and Mercer models? Depending on how you’ve painted and decorated the rest of the room, these tables can be stained any colour your heart desires. Here at Woodcraft we carry beautiful coffee tables that would look great in any room of your house… but never better than in your own private den.

All our reclaimed wooden furniture pieces are one-of-a-kind, impossible to duplicate or be recreated. Each one is handcrafted on order, meaning that your table is truly your table, just as your private space will be your private space. Contact our woodworking experts for tips on upkeep and care, and get building that beautiful, comfortable personal space that you have been dreaming of all these years.