Creating a Grand Entrance: Choosing Wood Furniture for Your Entryway

June 7th, 2024 Blog

front door of a house, interior

A home’s entryway plays a major symbolic role in home décor. It’s where people enter and exit your home, the threshold separating where you live from the rest of the world. It’s not just a door that lets people in and out. The entryway is where people are ritualistically welcomed into your home and prepare to depart.

Furnishing this area of the home requires a few practical pieces, so there’s a place to set your keys, accessories, and other loose items people take with them. Solid wood furniture brings gravitas and heft to your entryway.

Woodcraft has beautiful pieces of customized wood furniture that can fit into any entryway, whether it’s a small and urban downtown condo, a rustic farmhouse, or a sprawling mansion.

Let’s check out a few of our pieces that thrive in entryways.

Custom Hallway Table

What is usually the first thing people do when they enter or exit a home? They put on or take off their shoes. Our custom hallway bench can be situated near the entryway to provide the perfect place for people to sit down, relax, and tie up or take off their shoes.

It also boasts a cute little drawer to stash a few little items and a table top to keep everything organized. The entryway is a transition space between the indoors and out, and our custom hallway table reinforces this symbolism while providing a useful place for people to sit down and organize their possessions.

Carlaw Console Table

Furnishing larger spaces involves finding pieces that fill out the emptiness. You need to be deliberate and selective in what you pick, but you have many options. In contrast, smaller entryways are more restrictive and limited.

A console table for your entryway is excellent because it keeps the space organized. Many people have a ritual when they enter or exit their home — they put down their keys, take off their gloves or hats, and they need a piece of furniture that can neatly store everything in one place.

Woodcraft can work with you to create a table with the dimensions you need to fit a small or irregular space. No matter how limited or oddly-shaped your entryway is, we can find a solution that works.

Woodcraft makes a beautiful Carlaw Console Table that’s a perfect entryway table. Combining raw wood and welded steel, there are two surfaces on which to keep little items and bins down below to store small items of clothing and accessories.

If you like the design but the standard size doesn’t work for your home, we can customize it to fit your space. Whether you want a solid wood table or wood mixed with other materials, Woodcraft has what you need.

Tranquil Console Table

The Tranquil Console Table has thicker legs and features than the slim Carlaw, but is still quite sleek and slim. The elegant profile boasts two drawers and a shelf at the bottom on which to store shoes or whatever else you’d like.

It has a long, thin profile that can mould to your hall or entryway. You can also choose the colour, finish, and stain, which are some of the main benefits of handcrafted furniture.

Dunbar Console Table

The Dunbar Console Table is perfect for entryways that are small or restricted because it has a half-moon shape that can fit into tiny spaces. It’s a beautiful little table with style and it isn’t fussy. There are no drawers or shelves on the base model, but it’s the perfect shape to accommodate the key essentials you need to pick up and drop off when you enter and exit the home.

There’s also an option for a lower shelf. The lower braces connecting the legs make a quiet but stylish statement. Having a beautiful piece of wood furniture for small spaces can make a meaningful statement and help make a tiny area of the home feel complete.

It may seem counterintuitive, but small spaces seem larger when the furniture proportionately fills out the space. Pick what type of wood you want, and you can even choose between distressed or rubbed paint.

Fireshire Sofa Table

Console tables and sofa tables are a lot alike. Interior décor mavens know that if a sofa is floating in a living room, rather than sidled up against a wall, it’s a good idea to put a long table behind it so it doesn’t seem adrift or lost. Sofa tables tend to be thin and long, so they’re perfect for entryways with long hallways.

narrow entryway of a home with wallpaper, seen from inside

The Fifeshire is hardware free. Just pull underneath the drawers for some handy storage that looks slick too. It has a modern, contemporary look, but Woodcraft supports people making a splash by combining clashing design styles and figuring out a way to make it work. Woodcraft is your wood furniture supplier for all rustic and urban styles, but sometimes, fusing them together can really make a statement.

Some people like repurposing old furniture to make it look new or blending design languages. The Fireshire Sofa Table can fit in with various styles in different areas of your home, including the entryway.

Brett Console

Finally, the Brett Console table, a small but chunky piece that can enlarge a small space. The Brett Console table has two small dovetail drawers and a tabletop for your daily essentials.

It has a classic, timeless look, but isn’t too ornate or complicated. The brushed nickel handles make a quiet but elegant statement. For entryways that are tight but not irregular, the Brett Console is an excellent choice.

Cramped, oddly shaped entryways may need a table that is half-moon in shape or triangular. The Brett Console can fit into small spaces, but it has a conventional shape that makes an entryway feel complete.

You want people entering your home to feel welcome right away. Having a solid piece of wood furniture adds dignity and substance to this space, giving it character and tying it together. Choose whichever solid wood piece you like best and connect with Woodcraft today to make your entryway beautiful and complete.