Custom vs. Big Box Furniture

September 12th, 2016 Blog

When Woodcraft Furniture was first founded, its reason for being was to make beautiful, handcrafted pieces that would quickly earn a place in their owners’ hearts. That hasn’t changed since the 1970s, and it’s why we remain committed to providing handcrafted, solid wood furniture for your dining room, bedroom, office or study, and living room. We believe that we offer a better product than big box furniture stores, and we can provide it because we care about you, your home, and your personal tastes.

Wood furniture is not just durable and long lasting, it also never goes out of style, and our designs avoid “trendy” traps like fashionable colours that are destined to become tomorrow’s fashion faux-pas. We use enduring, classic finishes for all of our pieces, and we let you decide the combination of material and finish that will fit your home and give you the most satisfaction out of your purchase.

Made to Fit

Custom furniture makers take into account the dimensions and shape of the room where the piece will be. For example, all of the dining tables available from Woodcraft can be made to fit the size and dimensions of your dining room. Our tables fit both smaller, square rooms and longer, elegant dining halls for households that love to host dinner parties or have the entire family over for the holidays. Custom makers can also fit their pieces to irregularities in your home or office, such as odd corners, rounded walls, or even sloping ceilings in finished attics. Often these irregularities leave rooms with void and useless spaces that could otherwise be completed with a desk, sofa, bed, or bookshelf.

Choose Your Wood

Whether you are building your dream centrepiece, completely to your personal requirements, or using a catalogue design, the choice of wood should be yours. While your options differ between pieces, you can generally choose between:

  • Pine (a softwood), very easily cut and stained
  • Oak, a reliable and sturdy material that will hold up to more wear and tear than pine
  • Maple, a hardwood like oak that is very durable and also available as “wormy maple,” with more texture and naturally-formed knots that add an element of patterning to the surface
  • Cherry, which can be stained to offset the changes to its colour that occurs naturally over time, or left on its own, which results in a deep, rich reddish-brown hue

Choose Your Finish

Once you’ve selected the materials with which you would like to make your piece, it’s time to select your finish according to the colour scheme and atmosphere of your room. Our team is happy to help you select a colour and finish if you need guidance, just ask for our help or visit any of our retail locations across the GTA.

Your Taste, Your Personality

When it comes to custom built tables in Toronto, Woodcraft puts in the design, craft, and care it takes to make the piece that will match your home. Get in touch with us and request a quote for your special project. Big box furniture stores just can’t provide the same attention to detail or meet your personal taste the way a custom furniture maker can.