Decorate Your Coffee Shop With Hardwood Furniture

August 30th, 2018 Blog, General

Dreaming of opening a cool new coffee shop? Who can blame you! But competition is stiff. It seems like there is a funky coffee shop on every block these days, doesn’t it? And more seem to be opening up each week! Needless to say, it’s tough for the new kids on the caffeine block to stand out. Don’t let your shop fall into the trap of looking like all the others. You need to do something to differentiate yourself from the glut of other coffee peddlers. Consider wooden furniture for your interior design as a way of standing out from the crowd.

You want to create a place that feels welcoming, brings in crowds, and inspires both creativity and discussion. Wooden furniture has been proven to do just that! An aesthetically pleasing environment gets the creative juices flowing and people talking. Woodcraft offers a wide array of solid wood dining tables that can help you create that perfect, laid-back coffee shop environment. Our pedestal tables invite chit chat and create a casual atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome, while our Thornbury and Long Island dining tables make for the perfect spot to hang out or get some work done.

Reclaimed wooden furniture might be just the thing to give your shop that extra je ne sais quoi to be noticeable amongst the competition. This is wood that has been sourced from previously existing structures – garages, barns, old fences, etc. – and repurposed as furniture. A beautiful reclaimed wood table might be just the thing to get your customers started on the first chapter of that novel they’ve been fantasizing about!

Coffee shop crowds these days appreciate businesses that are environmentally conscious. Using reclaimed wood means no new trees need to be felled in order to make your furniture. This wood is often more durable than fresh, virgin wood, as structures that were built forty or fifty years ago were usually made from old growth wood – trees that had decades, if not centuries, to grow! So give Mother Earth a little TLC with a reclaimed wooden table. Woodcraft is your source for solid wood furniture that doesn’t take a toll on the environment.

At the end of the day, however, the name of the game is business. You need to bring in enough money to keep your cheque book in the black and your shop’s doors open. Solid wood furniture might cost a bit more than flimsy plastic stuff right off the bat, but ultimately it creates an atmosphere that people want to spend time in. And studies show that the longer a customer stays in a business, the more likely they are to spend their hard-earned money. In other words, the nicer the space, the more likely Jane and John Need-A-Coffee are to ask for those second and third Americanos and Cappuccinos.

Consider the furniture you choose for your coffee shop an investment. You’re not just purchasing chairs for bums and tables for laptops; you’re purchasing the personality of the space. Every piece of furniture that populates your shop should say something about the shop, about you, and about the people that spend time there. Make sure it’s saying something nice!