Decorate Your Cottage with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

December 28th, 2018 Blog

cottage furniture

The summer cottage season may be over, but if your family is the outdoorsy type then you’re probably already getting eager to escape the city for the winter cottage season. Hitting the countryside at this time of year means snowy escapades on ski slopes and cross-country trails, followed by hot cocoa by the fireside – and when you get in for the night, you’ll want to be cozy!

While summer is the time for larger cottage renovation projects and landscaping, one part of cottage living that all too often gets overlooked in the winter is the need to replace old furniture. When the things we use year after year at the cottage get worn out, they are often neglected and go without proper care compared to the furniture at our main house – and that’s not surprising, considering that we take off back to the busy city after each use and forget all about it!

You won’t want to replace any priceless family heirlooms, but what about the less sentimental, and less quality stuff that’s been breaking down? Just because a poorly-made piece of furniture has been used at the cottage for years doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to keep it! If your family has been eating dinner on a cheap, old kitchen table that some distant relative left there ages ago, it’s time to consider replacing it with one of the solid wood dining tables currently available online.

cottage furniture

So often, families fill their storage rooms and garages with a mixture of old junk that nobody knows what to do with. Or they hold on to precious heirlooms that go to waste and lose value without proper care. Cottages are full of these items because it’s a hassle to go through everything and nobody wants to get blamed for getting rid of something that’s important to another family member.

These items take up space that could be dedicated to making your cottage more beautiful and making your experience in the countryside much more enjoyable. If you’re finally getting eager to replace a few items, there’s nothing better than a gorgeous piece of hand-crafted reclaimed wood furniture to perk up your cottage – as usual, you can count on us to be your source for solid wood furniture for either the cottage or the home.

Imagine walking into your cottage to find a beautiful reclaimed wood table as the centrepiece that you’ll be gathering around with your family and any friends you’ve invited along! Sometimes the cottage is one of the family’s favourite places to spend time together, it’s where you can get away to enjoy one another’s company in peace, finally free of all of the hectic distractions of day-to-day life.

The cottage might not be the place where you spend the most time, but it’s probably the place where you spend the most quality time – so doesn’t it deserve furniture that’s every bit as elegant and stylish as the furniture you keep at home?

Pick out a new piece of quality wood furniture for your cottage today and start on a road to a more comfortable and satisfying cottage lifestyle!