Design Your Patio with Wood Furniture

July 13th, 2021 Blog

wood furniture

Now that summer is here, it’s time to redecorate your patio with beautiful and well-constructed wood furniture. Wood furniture has a longer lifespan and is more durable than the average furniture piece used outdoors.

Nowadays, many are looking for wood furniture to complete their backyard. If you are looking to find solid wood furniture online now, consider the many different pieces Woodcraft has to offer.

At Woodcraft, we want to help you find the perfect outdoor wood piece from your comfort.

Where To Start

Designing your patio is as exciting as redecorating your room because it’s where you spend most of the summer. Begin your patio with the necessities:

  • Dining table
  • Seating

To start, create a vision board or layout that will best fit your patio needs. Creating an outdoor living space with wood furniture is the next step to creating a new hot spot.

There are plenty of benefits of wood furniture that make it a top contender for your outdoor furniture of choice.


Unlike other furniture pieces, wood furniture never runs out of style. The first wooden furniture dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt as the rich and powerful put money into creating wooden furniture. Many civilizations later, it remains to be a reoccurring trend due to its recycled nature, durability and aesthetic.


It should come as no surprise that when you purchase wood furniture, you’re helping the environment. Unlike others, wood furniture will have multiple lives and help decrease deforestation thanks to its upcycling nature.

Design Your Patio

Once you’ve understood the benefits of a wood table, it’s time to figure out where you’re putting it. Depending on how you’d like to stylize your patio, there’s a piece of furniture for every look. Solid wood dining room tables will suit almost any backyard looks while adding longevity. Thanks to our plenty of options, you can find a table that fits anywhere up to 10 people, perfect for hosting.

If your backyard entails a bonfire or a grill, we recommend keeping wood furniture away from those as they are highly flammable. Add fairy lights across your backyard to give off a warm and welcoming ambience. While you’re redesigning your patio, you can even take part in a few other DIY projects ideally suited for your new wood furniture.

How to Protect

Just because wood furniture is strong and durable doesn’t make it indestructible. Knowing how to maintain, treat and care for your new backyard statement piece is of utmost importance to protect your solid wood furniture, especially as it will be under direct sunlight.

Colder, rainy seasons

When there’s cold weather, there’s dry weather. The wood will expand with increased moisture, and for you Canadian snowbirds, you should also protect your wood furniture. We recommend bringing it indoors if possible to a neutral-tempered room. If that’s not feasible, purchase a furniture cover.

Warmer, humid seasons

With summer comes humidity and direct sunlight. And if you’ve learned anything from us at Woodcraft, direct sunlight and wood furniture do not mix. If you can place an umbrella over the table or have it covered when not in use, that will maximize your wood furniture’s colour and durability.