Differences between Dining Tables that will Influence How You Shop

February 15th, 2019 Blog

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Spotting the difference between a kitchen and dining room table might seem as simple as identifying where they’re each located in your home – one is usually right in the kitchen, while the dining room table gets a room of its own. With open concept designs, this distinction may be more ambiguous, but generally, no one is going to mistake these two pieces of furniture.

In fact, you’re probably so used to the common function of these tables that what’s more difficult to distinguish are the minute differences that determine your choice when selecting one or the other when you get in touch with us to make a purchase. It can also be a problem to figure out how to make your dining table stand out in a way that’s unique to you and suits the personality of your home appropriately.

The Kitchen Table

The table where you eat the majority of your meals is one of the most important staples of the home. This is the place where you come together with the people you live with to break bread and share quality time together over great food on a regular basis. This piece of furniture is going to be one of the true centerpieces that fills up the heart of your home, and you’re going to want to ensure that it’s quality-made, durable, and stylish.

Most likely, that table – the one that gets used the most – is going to be located in your kitchen, near where food is kept and prepared. It’s a table that should last through the daily wear and tear of family use. Many find that a few dings and scratches only brings more character to the kitchen table, serving as reminders of good memories, such as energetic children growing up and learning about the world.

The Dining Room Table

The dining room table is mostly reserved for special occasions – and should, therefore, be the most impressive table contained in the entire home. For this reason, people usually invest in solid wood dining room tables and often buy a matching set of dining room chairs and other furniture to complement their dining room ensemble.

All of the furniture in this room is going to be the best in your home. These are often heirloom pieces, so they should be strong enough to last several lifetimes, but also elegant enough for your most formal meals – click here to see some of our finest examples of solid wood dining tables that can fill this role. Y

Since the dining room table is meant to be used solely for meals that are more formal and extravagant, your dining room will also see use of your most valued dishware and silverware. The dining room is usually a room adjacent to the kitchen, which also contains elegant chairs, serving tables, and cabinets.

Whether selecting a new table for your dining room or kitchen, one thing you should be absolutely sure about is that you don’t forsake quality or elegance for either type of table. Purchase a table that will last a lifetime, so your family can adore it for years to come!