Dining Table Trends to Watch for in 2020

December 11th, 2019 Blog

Dining Table Trends to Watch for in 2020

Every new year ushers in a new season of styles in just about every cultural venue imaginable and the world of furniture is no different – especially when it comes to handcrafted designs. By far, fine solid wood furniture is still the most common type and so many of the latest trends incorporate wood in one way or another. Here at Woodcraft, we offer an enormous amount of design choices with uniquely handcrafted features.


Mixing Dining Tables with Unmatched Chairs


It had to happen eventually; for centuries, people have matched their dining tables with chairs that seems to perfectly fit that table’s wood, colour and texture. Eventually, someone had to break the rule and try the opposite by arranging their dining table with a style of chair that differs with the table’s design. Perhaps it is due to this novelty that this trend has caught on so strongly this year, but you can be sure that it will continue into 2020, and perhaps beyond as well.


Unique Designs


The best way to guarantee that you get a dining table unlike any other is to order one to be custom made by makers of fine furniture that handcraft their designs. When you buy custom made solid wood furniture, you get to control several design options, such as:


  • Variety of Wood
  • Colour of Stain
  • Texturing
  • Inclusion of Other Materials
  • Colour of Epoxy Fill


You can browse our website for examples of each of these kinds of trendy features in a variety of custom designed wooden dining tables and chairs that are perfect for this new season. If you’d like to see for examples of a particular variety of wood, for example, you can see some options in oak here to help you decide – just don’t forget that you’ll want to pick a stain as well!


Reclaimed Wood


While the trend towards reclaimed wood has been around for some time now, there doesn’t seem to be any sign that it is going anywhere. People love reclaimed wood because the rustic look fits perfectly into the eclectic style that is currently flourishing among interior designs of all types.


The added bonus is that reclaimed wood represents an ecologically friendly choice, due to that fact that it is sourced from places where the wood is recycled and repurposed, rather than necessitating the harvesting of fresh forests. You can own barn wood tables to tie your living room or dining room together perfectly in 2020.


Natural Materials


Like reclaimed wood, the interior design world is embracing everything natural in light of treating the planet in a more sustainable fashion. While solid wood itself is a natural material, a trend towards live edge finishes has really done wonders to accentuate the natural feel of solid wood.


In the upcoming year, anyone that’s looking to upgrade their dining table should keep two points in mind


  • Pay Attention to the Latest Trends
  • Include Features that Will Always Remain Popular


If you follow these rules, then you’ll ensure that you’ll always be happy with the new dining table you buy. There’s no better way to incorporate new ideas, yet be sure your table will always remain in style, than to buy one made of handcrafted solid wood. Take a look at some of our tables today.