Dining Tables Built for Large Family Gatherings

February 20th, 2020 Blog

Dining Tables Built for Large Family Gatherings

For many families, Easter is a holiday that’s just as important as Christmas, if not even bigger. That means that everyone that celebrates Easter will soon gather around a large dining table with their loved ones to share in a feast of ham, roast beef, or even turkey – or else they’ll wish they owned a gorgeous table that could properly fit the whole family.


Whether or not your family celebrates the Easter holiday with a feast, it’s likely that soon you’ll also want to invite your loved ones into your home for a celebratory gathering. When you do, you’ll need to be ready with a dining table from Woodcraft that’s capable of accommodating a crowd with comfort and style.


There’s No Substitute for Solid Wood


No matter what kind of table you choose to fit your current interior decor, one choice you won’t want to forego is the decision to buy a dinner table made of handcrafted solid wood. If you have to space in your home to fit a very large table, the versatility and elegance of handcrafted new or old wood furniture means that almost any design can be expanded to accommodate larger dimensions.


Consider, for example, the Manhattan dining table with Brushed Steel Uprights. This table comes in a 42 by 72 inches by default, but it can be built larger depending on your needs and capabilities. In a shape that recalls the art deco architecture of Manhattan’s most classic buildings, this table was meant to be displayed in an impressive size.


New and Contemporary Designs


Solid wood is a material that has been traditionally use in furniture crafting for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a traditional design. Some of the most interesting contemporary dining table styles created today are designed using solid wood. In fact, some of the more popular contemporary design features that are available at Woodcraft include:


  • Coloured Epoxy Fill
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Live Edge Finish
  • Mid-Century Revival


Perhaps the best example of an oak dining room table that works as a contemporary statement piece, but can be built to larger dimensions is the Drake River Dining Table. Likewise, if you’re looking for a midcentury design that is perfectly suited for a large space, consider the Lytton Table in a New York stain. Either one of the tables will look elegant and welcoming in your home, especially when your family is gathered there to share a special meal.


Custom Designs


One of best aspects about having a dining table custom made is that ordering an extra-large table won’t mean that you have to place any limits on design. When you give us a call to order a custom design, you’ll get to decide on all of the same specifications as with any piece of furniture that we make, such as texturing, stain and variety of wood. That’s what makes a custom dining table such a great option.

When you order a handcrafted solid wood dining table, you’ll be giving your family a beautiful heirloom item that can last for generations. Order your new dining table today so that the next time you host a feast, no one will be left out.