Discover the Environmental Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

January 26th, 2021 Blog

Discover the Environmental Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

As the call for sustainability is now louder than ever, many of us are looking for ways to lead a greener life. Your choice of furniture joins the long list of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and create an eco-friendly home.

Decorating your home with beautiful, handcrafted furniture is more than just a solid design choice; it’s a decision you can feel good about. Here are the environmental reasons why you want quality wood furniture in your home.

It’s Built to Last

Whether you purchase a wood coffee table, dining table and chairs, or bookcase, the piece you get today will last you generations. Its longevity comes down to our expert craftsmanship and superior materials. We use Canadian Oak, Cherry, Pine, and Maple to handcraft classic furniture that stands up to the years.

When a piece of furniture lasts this long, you’ve made a smart investment for your wallet and the environment. Not only will you save money by avoiding the need to buy a new table or bookcase, but you’ll also keep furniture out of the waste stream for as long as it has a place in your home.

It’s Reusable

Even when wood finds its end of life in its current form, it may live on to see another day. Wood’s durability means it’s easy to reuse or upcycle into new pieces.

Take, for example, our line of reclaimed wood tables. The wood we use in these pieces come from old-growth timber salvaged from other projects and building sites. The result is a timeless work of art that shows off mature trees’ unique patterns without the environmental guilt.

Take a look at our reclaimed wood dining table collection to see what we mean. Our work breathes fresh new life into older wood.

Old wood won’t get sent to the landfill or recycling plant, which saves on the valuable energy resources required to process waste. We also lower our logging and shipping footprint when we salvage wood rather than use new trees.

It’s Good for Your Health

Adding a solid wood dining table, desk, or bookcase comes with a surprising benefit for your home’s air quality. That’s because handcrafted wood furniture comes with fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) than its mass-produced alternatives.

Furniture comprised of MDF, particleboard, plywood, and other materials release toxic chemicals or VOCs into the air in a process that’s called “off-gassing.” While we’re still studying the full effects of off-gassing, data shows VOCs may cause allergic reactions and other issues.

By switching to solid wood furniture in your home, you can reduce the VOCs from contaminating your air quality.

We Can Help Turn Your House Green!

If you’re ready to commit to more sustainable practices in all areas of your life, don’t overlook your choice of furniture. Choosing solid wood over mass-produced products can help you keep lumber in use and out of the landfill for longer. Plus, you get the added benefit of improving your home’s air quality.

Take some time to look at our catalogue to see how stylish the greener choice can be. If you spot something you like, get in touch today. We’re excited to create a unique piece for your home.