Doing a Reno? Save a Budget for Solid Wood Furniture

April 10th, 2019 Blog

wood craft furniture

Any time that you’re doing renovations is a good time to consider whether your furniture needs an upgrade. If you’ve collected a hodgepodge variety of items that no longer match, then it’s time to finally invest in a complete set.

Making the rest of your home beautiful will all be for nothing if you don’t have furniture to compliment your brand new décor. That’s why every time you renovate a room, you need to save some money to upgrade what’s inside that room as well.


The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms to renovate in a home, but if you forget about your furniture then that kitchen you originally dreamed of can come out looking substandard.

One of the common targets of a kitchen renovation is old cupboards. When you’re deciding on new cupboards, you have an opportunity to buy a matching kitchen table set as well as any other furniture you might keep in your kitchen – consider how great a new buffet hutch or a sideboard will look if made out of custom solid wood furniture from Woodcraft that perfectly matches the finish of your cupboards!

Living Room

Whether you’re only painting your living room or tearing down walls, any renovation marks a good time to consider getting rid of worn out furniture and replacing it with a gorgeous new solid wood item like a live edge coffee table or a stunning reclaimed wood entertainment unit. Your living room can also hold a number of options, such as sideboards, bookcases, or sofa tables. Whatever you choose to include should always fit well with the decorative theme of your other furniture as well as your renovation plans – if not, then it’s time for new furniture.

Dining Room

One can never underestimate the importance of dining room tables to homeowners – whatever you do to your walls and floors, the first thing your guests are going to notice in your dining room is always going to be your dining room table. There’s little point in doing renovations to this room if you aren’t prepared to invest in a dining room set that’s just as stunning. If you’re upgrading your flooring, in particular, you should keep in mind how your choice of flooring matches or contrasts with the dining table.

Renovating the Office

Nothing says success like solid wood furniture, which is why it’s essential that you furnish your office with only the highest quality items. A custom-made solid wood desk with matching office chairs will impress your clients and help you to close deals and make your voice heard. When every aspect of your surroundings has a direct influence on the success of your business, why stop there? You can also invest in a solid wood reception desk to make a dramatic beginning impression on every person who walks through your doors.

If you don’t consider new furniture, you might end up feeling like you’ve wasted the money you spent on your renovations. Check out the brand new designs we currently have in stock to get your creative design ideas into motion!