Your Easter Dinner Hosting Guide

April 7th, 2017 Blog

Easter is coming up faster than you think and if you’re planning on hosting dinner, it’s never too soon to start planning. The weather will be getting warmer, university-aged children will be wrapping up finals and coming home for the summer, and summer vacation plans are in the mix. For many, Easter is the last chance to get the family together until Thanksgiving as busy summer plans take over. Any holiday where you invite your friends and family to share your home can be hectic and stressful, which is why the Woodcraft team has put together a quick guide that we hope will make hosting dinner easy.

#1 Dinner

There are two classic Easter dinners, glazed ham and roast lamb, but there are dozens of spin-offs and ideas you can use to freshen things up. There are plenty of great alternatives for those sick of the usual Easter ham, including Cornish game hens, roast pork recipes, pork shoulders, or even braciole, an Italian-style flank steak Easter dinner. Make sure you plan out the ingredients early and get your shopping done well ahead of time, and give yourself enough time to actually cook on the day of.


#2 Easter Egg Hunt

If you have younger children, or you’re inviting family or friends over who do have small kids, why not plan an Easter egg hunt? If the weather is nice enough, you can use your backyard to hide treats, rather than risk the kids tearing apart your home, but if you’re not worried about a couple overturned sofa cushions, the living room is fine, too. Just make sure you write down all the hiding places – you don’t want to forget about any missed pieces.

#3 Table & Centerpiece

Easter is a chance to get creative with your table centerpiece, whether you want flowers, candles, eggs, or even chocolates to form the major motif. If you have a long guest list, you can also use place settings to keep things orderly when it’s time for dinner – not to mention easing over any tensions that might exist between different guests. Check out some great centerpiece ideas for the holiday and decide whether you want to focus on spring flowers, painted eggs, or other spring-themed decorative ideas.

Not enough room at the dining table for the guest list you’ve put together? You’re not just investing in a new dining table for Easter dinner; if you’re always hosting the holidays, an elegant, custom wood dining table that will fit a growing family is essential to opening up your home to friends and family alike. A bigger dining table is a must for couples who love hosting dinner parties and making their home the center of the action during the holidays. A custom wood dining table from Woodcraft will help you open up your home and bring your dreams of big family holidays to life.

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