A Fall Guide To The Finest Solid Wood Tables

September 17th, 2017 Blog

Four legs and a top, but with so many amazing possibilities – the humble table may be the simplest piece of furniture you’ll buy, but that doesn’t make it any less special. The type of wood that’s used, the style and finish of the edges, the way the legs interact with the table top, all make a table unique, and whereas some furniture companies are happy to slap a few low-quality pieces of wood together to last you a few years, at Woodcraft we dedicate ourselves to quality. Woodcraft solid wood furniture is handcrafted from Canadian lumber and we pay that lumber the attention and respect it deserves.

Fall is the sweet spot for buying a wooden table. The al fresco (read: outside) dining that we do in the summer is not really an option any longer, so we move back in to eat dinner, but we still want to eat in a nice atmosphere. Fall dining is all about ambience; with the bold, natural colours and comforting food, you want a table that’s equally as warm and inviting. And you don’t want to leave it until winter to buy a table, when there’s so much else to worry about, like Christmas presents and whatnot. With that in mind, we’ve put together a fall guide to the finest tables, whether it’s a wood coffee table you’re after, or a dining table.

We’ll start in the dining room – depending on your personal style, you’re either going to want something a little more rustic, or something maybe more stylish and contemporary. Luckily, at Woodcraft, we have craftsmen with diverse tastes that are able to make either style. For a more rustic look, we recommend you check out our “live edge” tables, which refers to the way the natural surface of the wood, with all its beautiful knots and gnarls, is left intact as a edge. The raw outer edges of our Arcadia Live Edge Dining Table, for example, perfectly compliment things like hardwood flooring, brick walls and industrial style pieces; or, with a lighter stain, it can sit comfortably and elegantly in a minimally designed white dining room – possibilities are numerous.

For that more stylish and contemporary look, our Metropolitan Dining Table is hard to beat. Its sharp-lined tabletop and arced pedestal cut an impressive figure, and with the option of customizing the finish on the top – smooth, rough-sawn, random plane or rough cut – you can ensure that it fits in with your décor. And to go along with more of a vintage, sort of mid-century look (which is quite popular right now) we created the Loft Table, a solid Canadian maple table which is classic, simple and, if we do say so ourselves, pretty darn sexy. Décor-wise, nothing really says fall quite like the natural look of wooden tables and chairs; it’s yet another reason to reconsider replacing your old table with one our solid, handcrafted works of art.

As for coffee tables – the dining table’s little cousin, if you will – we’ve got an array of choices. We like the idea of having a coffee table that’s simple enough to stand on its own as a part of the room, but which you can also adorn with stuff like centrepieces or a flower vase. And a coffee table needs to be able to be solidly built – if it’s going to hold a hot coffee, you don’t want the flimsy legs of an assemble-it-yourself table propping it up. Our Brent, Newport and Shaker coffee tables stand out as being a great marriage of style and functionality, each containing drawers where you can stow magazines or even cutlery (if, like us, you eat in front of the TV every once and a while).

The table may be a simple, humble piece of furniture, but it’s where the family gathers. This fall, give us a ring or send us a message and inquire about our tables – you can have it in time for Thanksgiving!