Family Dinners Become Special Occasions With A Custom Wood Table

August 19th, 2017 Blog

Some things from our past may get a little foggy over time, and we can’t quite recall every little detail about the house we grew up in, but there is one object that’s pretty firmly lodged in most people’s memories: the dinner table. At its best, the dinner table was a congregation of family sharing stories about the day they’d had, or telling jokes; on other days it was a hectic ordeal, with everyone shoving food in their face so they could head out the door in time for hockey practice or piano lessons. However we remember, one thing is for certain: a dinner table is the bedrock of family time together.

At Woodcraft, we understand the importance of the dinner table. Throughout history, dating back to the first civilizations – all across the world and regardless of culture – families have come together over a table to eat food together. We carry on that tradition by ensuring that any table we make, whether it’s a wood coffee table or dining table, is made with superior quality and uniqueness.

Special rituals require equally special objects (after all, you wouldn’t go to a chain store to buy the altar for your wedding!) and with us, you know you’re getting a dinner table that’s part of the family – solid and everlasting. Buying a dining table from one of those big, assemble-it-yourself box stores will get you a table that will last you two or three years tops. It won’t fit your particular dining room and it certainly won’t feel like the important centre of family life that it is.

In order to explain its importance, maybe it’s best to start by looking at what makes a new solid wood table so special: how it’s made. The old world craftsmanship and attention to detail we at Woodcraft pour into each of our pieces starts with sourcing the best, local Canadian lumber. From there our job is to treat that wood with respect, allowing its natural beauty and hardiness to take centre stage as we sculpt it into something functional and fashionable.

You’ll be able to customize your dinner table to fit your pre-existing décor. Choose what size you’d like (do you have a family of three or a small army of seven?), what style best suits your family, what type of wood (oak, maple, cherry and many more!) and what kind of finish you want. There are endless options to choose from, ensuring that your table will come out as unique as the family that sits around it.

Maybe you’re a “round table” family, like knights of a bygone era? We have the thick, elegant Queen’s Table, the modern and stylish Bedford Single Pedestal Table, or the boldly arched St. George Dining Table, to name just a few. Or maybe you prefer the more standard long table? Choose from the mid-century inspired Loft Table, the French-style, minimalist Savoy Table, or the classic and handsome Long Island Dining Table, among many, many others. Match your table to other pieces in your home, like perhaps a maple entertainment unit in the family room, or solid oak bedroom furniture in the bedroom, and give your home a bold, uniform design.

Finally, don’t worry too much about spills. A family around the dinner table is bound to spill a thing or two, and besides, solid wood is very forgiving. The most important thing is that everyone gets together around a table that allows you talk and laugh and share; a table that will stand the test of time; a table that you’ll be able to pass on to your children one day, so that their children will know the joy of those three magical words: “It’s dinner time!”