From Tree to Table: An Inside Look at the Journey of Handmade Wood Furniture

May 9th, 2024 Blog

wood table with colourful flowers on it, close up

There’s something about handmade wood furniture that makes a room feel different. Something about the look of the material, the design, and even the smell of wood that makes people feel comfortable and at home.

People love being around wood furniture almost as much as they enjoy spending time in nature, in actual forests supplying raw material for wood furniture. Wood furniture has been popular for generations, so it feels omnipresent and easy to take for granted.

However, the closer you look at each piece of wood furniture’s specific journey, the more impressive it is. Let’s learn a little more about how wood furniture goes from tree to table.

Rushton Tables

Woodcraft is proud to offer styles from different eras, and one of those styles is our take on the Parsons table, which originated in the early part of the last century. There is some debate about where exactly Parsons tables come from. Most attribute the style to the Parsons School of Design in New York City, though an old New York Times article claims it was designed by Jean-Michel Frank while working at Parsons Paris, known then as the Paris Atelier.

Parsons tables are modernist pieces of furniture that are square or rectangular. The legs are square in cross-section, flush with the top edges, and also equal in thickness, adding a pleasing geometrical feel that can be sheathed in any material while retaining its integrity.

Woodcraft celebrates the classic parson form by making custom wood furniture that quietly updates this timeless style. Instead of leaving the legs straight and flush with the table’s apron, we angled them both to create a little bit of play while retaining the connection and the dialogue between the two parts.

The best thing about custom furniture from Woodcraft is that you can customize it to fit your specific room and aesthetic preferences. Choose the size and shape that fits your space, and choose from finishes like random planed, rough cut, smooth, or rough sawn.

Entertainment Consoles

TV units or entertainment consoles are a wonderful way to prop up a TV without letting a screen dominate the entire room. After all, you don’t need to support your TV, strictly speaking, as you can mount a TV to the wall. However, entertainment consoles do a great job of hiding cables and wires and storing remotes or movies, all while bringing a large dose of gravitas and heft.

Many people watch TV for hours every day. It’s nice to have a beautiful piece of furniture you’ll also see what watching it, and they come in different styles and personalities.

Our Hastings Entertainment Unit is sleek but has an irregular and playful shape that adds elegance and fun to your TV room. The modern Brent TV console has some clean and classic lines, four drawers, and open shelves for added storage. The same base storage comes with an available hutch option for those who want to display books, knick-knacks, and other stereo equipment.

There are also rustic, country-house options like the Turnbuckle TV unit, with its architectural hardware and carefully distressed look.


Wooden bookshelves are perhaps the most classic type of shelving option around. From vintage bookstores, libraries, university workspaces, and more, when people imagine what a room containing thousands of books looks like, there are often wooden shelves.

However, wooden furniture trends also include new forms of shelving that update wood bookshelves for the 21st century. The Framework Bookcase boasts a complex, intricate shelving pattern that sparks conversations.

The Downtown collection has a stately appearance and book lovers can choose between a shelf with and without drawers. Glen bookcases are elegant with their snubbed, rounded feet, and they also come in different varieties, like glass doors and drawers.

“Bookshelves” are really just a storage solution, as they often bear things very different from books on them. Whether your shelving is decorative or practical, you want it to add atmosphere to the room.


Wooden beds are another mainstay for different reasons. Wooden furniture is beautiful, but it also holds up well to daily wear and tear. People sleep for roughly 7-8 hours a day, so it makes sense that people want a durable bed.

We make many different types of wooden beds, from the slight slats on the Cortleigh Slat Bed to the Spadina Bed’s full headboard. Other beds, like our Kingston, have a headboard and a low footboard, adding elegance.

In addition to its beautiful headboard, our Floating Bed creates the illusion that the base on which the mattress rests is raised off the floor. There are also twin drawers on either side of the bed, rounding out almost everything you’re looking for in a bed.

Of course, there are also poster beds, like our Fallingbrook Poster Bed, a sleek and modern take on a timeless classic. Centuries ago, and sometimes even recently, royalty had ornate, elaborate poster beds. Our design has clean lines that still add a sense of grandeur to the space where you enjoy your nightly rest. The two-tone Rosedale bed is another poster stunner with a canopy that adds significance to the space.

Practically speaking, the Cumberland Storage Bed with Sterling Grooves has a very handy set of drawers underneath where you can stash spare bedding, clothes, or whatever else you want. Order from our website, and be confident that heavy wooden pieces delivered by furniture handlers who are properly trained and experienced will arrive in mint condition.

Wooden furniture will never go out of style because the material is so beautiful, practical, and durable. Even if there are knicks or gouges in the furniture after a few years, unlike furniture made of synthetic material, they can be repaired to look brand new.

Skilled technicians spend a lot of time using tools to turn trees into timeless furniture, and each piece has its own unique cuts and requirements. No two pieces are exactly alike, even from the same collection, since no two pieces of wood are exactly identical. We sell handmade wood furniture for every room in your house, so check out our collection because each piece has its own story.