Get A Great Night’s Sleep With A Brand New Hardwood Bedroom Set

September 18th, 2018 Blog

Turn around and take a look at your bedframe. Are you hearing that little voice? The one that has been urging you again and again to upgrade to something new, sturdy, and elegant? It’s a common feeling. Many people do not feel that their bed is good enough for them, yet they balk at the cost and effort required to procure a new one. And who can blame you for putting it off? There are thousands of furniture manufacturers out their clamoring for your attention. Bedroom sets are expensive; there is nothing more heartbreaking than paying out the nose for something that’s just going to break down, wear out, or put kinks in your back.

You need a product you can rely on. The way to go when it comes to your new bedroom set is hardwood. Solid wood products can last a lifetime… and longer. If properly cared for, you can rest assured – literally! – that your hardwood bedframe can be passed onto your children. Custom wood furniture built with reclaimed old growth wood – wood that grew over hundreds and hundreds of years – stands the test of time.

But more importantly: it is beautiful. There is solid wood furniture from Woodcraft to fit the style of any bedroom. The Great Lakes Bedroom Set has a rustic, cottage-inspired charm that will bring you right out onto the coast of Lake Ontario. A matching nightstand and dresser are just the pieces needed to round out a bedroom that will immediately bring to mind the beauty of nature. Canada has a storied woodworking history and, aside from being a beautiful set in its own right, the Great Lakes Bedroom Set is a celebration of that.

Perhaps austerity is more to your taste. Take a look at our Ottawa Valley Collection, an elegant set that would be right at home in either an Antebellum Mansion or a historical country manor in the English countryside. Your bedroom will be highlighted by a hardwood queen panel bed and might be rounded out by matching dressers, a six-drawer lingerie chest, or 78-inch armoire — and all of Woodcraft’s wood furniture can be stained any colour you want.

With our wide range of wood and design options, here at Woodcraft we’re confident that there is a solid wood bedroom set out there for you. But if none of those sets jump out at you, our experienced and talented team of woodworkers have the ability to create just about any piece your heart desires, to your exact specifications. The only limit is your imagination. Visit our website or contact our furniture making experts today to explore your options.

A hardwood bedroom set might be expensive in the short-term, yes; but it is a long-term investment. These are pieces of furniture that are going to be in your life for a long time. You will be using these products each and every night, very possibly forever! So make sure you invest in something worth investing in, something that reflects your personality and adds beauty and comfort to your life. Invest in a hardwood bedroom set.