Stunning Décor Ideas to Accent Your New Dining Table

July 17th, 2019 Blog

decor ideas for dinning table

While shopping for a new dining room table, keep in mind that this piece of furniture will act as a centrepiece to your entire home. When you invite guests over to eat, you may spend time in the kitchen, the living room or other parts of your home, but the dining room is where you’ll end up when the evening culminates in its main purpose: dinner.

A Point of Conversation

That’s why you need a table that’s stylish and luxurious enough to deserve such an honorary role in your home. Remember, a piece of furniture this important is going to be talked about, so check our latest solid wood options and make sure that you buy a table that your guests will prize and adore.

Handcrafted Beauty

When you introduce a new dining room table made of wood into your home, you won’t want to cover it up with a tablecloth – you’ll want to show off the fine quality of its design and earthy tones. Consider how a beautiful new solid wood table will either match or clash with the present décor of your dining room, given factors such as:

  • The intensity of Colour Choices
  • Kind of Patterns in the Room
  • Lighting Style and Features
  • Minimalist versus Baroque Décor

If one particular aspect of your decorative scheme stands out like a sore thumb – especially when you introduce the gorgeous hues of wormy maple, white oak, vintage cherry or pine – then you’ll want to consider updating tired dining room decor with a new look. After all, this table will be your new centrepiece and that means everything else should serve to highlight or match with its features.

Unsurpassable Originality of Custom Designs

You may decide to order a custom-built dining table to ensure that you not only get the best in quality and craftsmanship but that your item is absolutely unique. When you order a table to be custom made, you’ll get to have more control over features like:

  • Mixed Materials
  • Varieties of Wood
  • Live Edge Features
  • Shades of Stain

This level of control will help you to match your table to the kind of décor that you usually include in your home. It will also fill your dining room with a feel of originality led by your own personal choices, so you can feel more liberty to get creative with other decorating choices.

Holiday Decorations

Don’t forget that you’ll be breaking out different decorative centerpieces and other holiday decorations throughout the year. While these are easy to replace, these kinds of decorative items tend to hold a personal and sentimental value that makes them difficult to part with. If you have a family that enjoys a lot of crafty activities, then you should consider a table that will introduce a rustic feel to your dining room, such as one made out of reclaimed wood.

With finely made solid wood furniture, you never have to sacrifice style for function. The trick to purchasing a new dining table is to consider the current décor of your home, while allowing the table’s features to open the door to future change. After all, a table this beautiful and well-made is meant to last a lifetime!