Get Down to Business with Solid Wood Furniture

August 17th, 2020 Blog

Get Down to Business with Solid Wood Furniture

At the height of the pandemic, many offices closed their doors and requested that their employees work from home. But now that the country has cautiously re-opened for business, some companies are returning to their offices.

Here at Woodcraft, a return to business-as-usual means our showrooms are once again open. We encourage you to swing by to see the gorgeous grain of our solid wood custom furniture up close and personal.

For other companies, work-from-home policies have become permanent following the examples set by Twitter, Square, and Facebook.

According to an Angus Reid poll, most Canadians currently working from home will eventually split their time between the office and their impromptu office on the couch. But one-in-five respondents say they will be working remotely full-time.

Are you one of them?

If so, you probably know by now that an office is more than just the laptop resting on your knees. Your spot at the kitchen counter or dining table doesn’t make an effective workspace — not when your family is also stuck at home and moving through these spaces.

You need a private space and furniture that’s deliberately designed to help you concentrate.

How Does Solid Wood Furniture Help?

Designing a sophisticated workspace with solid wood furniture is one of the best ways to create a productive office. We handcraft stylish yet functional office suites with your productivity in mind.

We can customize each piece to your specifications. We’ll perfectly tailor your desk, credenza, bookcase, and more — whether you need more work surfaces, more storage, or something in between. And with your choice of Pine, Maple, Cherry, and Oak, along with a variety of stains and finishes, you can request an office suite to complement any interior design.

A complete office collection is a quick and simple way to find a suite of solid wood furniture for your workspace. But don’t worry if some of your office is already up and running. Here at Woodcraft, we design individual pieces to match existing furniture, too.

Customize Your Wood Furniture to Your Space

With our help, you can make a statement with a bookcase made from solid Oak or Cherry. Or, if you need more secure storage spaces, we have beautifully designed Maple or Pine cabinets for every need. It’s time to leave that austere metal filing cabinet in the past and focus on form and function with time-test solid wood.

If you’re short on space, we specialize in singular desks that make a statement without sacrificing organization. Check out our Parkdale and Versailles styles for a more contemporary look, or our Andrew and Downtown Executive pieces if you prefer traditional designs.

We also handcraft workstations that combine all the pieces of a typical office into one solid wood construction. Something like our Downtown or Glenn workstations come with built-in storage around a generous work surface.

Add a Lifetime of Beauty and Functionality to Your Office

Solid wood furniture is a lifetime investment. Long after you switch jobs, change careers, or retire, handcrafted office furniture will provide a quiet place to concentrate for years to come.

For now, lean into your new work-from-home way of life. Get in touch with us to learn about your options like a new solid wood cabinet for your office, and discover the world of fine wood furniture today!