Get Ready To Host The Family This Canada Day

May 22nd, 2017 Blog

Canada’s sesquicentennial is shaping up to be a big deal and there are tons of cities across the country planning big celebrations this Canada Day. From Charlottetown to Vancouver, Lonely Planet has the scoop on all the great parties planned across the country, but plenty will be staying right where they are or just going up to the cottage to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday. If you plan on having the whole family over for a barbecue or hosting them at the cottage, it’s good to be prepared for a big family event. Is the dining table sizeable enough to fit the whole family when you have them over for dinner? Have you got enough beds to sleep everyone when they’re all gathered at your place by the lake?

If not, Woodcraft has you covered – there’s still time to get ready for Canada Day and a long summer of big dinner parties, holidays, and family visits. We make custom wood furniture that looks great, fits any space (because we cut it to match the dimensions of your rooms), and lasts for decades. Check out our dining tables, bedroom sets, wardrobes, coffee tables, and buffet hutches to make sure you’re all set for the summer.

Bedroom Furniture

As your family grows, it may be time to convert some of the space in your home or cottage into a guest bedroom. Finish the basement and set aside room for guests with king, queen, double, or single guests. As your children get older and start having kids of their own, you might have to start getting creative with space. You can save space with beds like our Prince Charles Bed with drawers, which utilizes under-the-bed space for storage without compromising the elegant solid wood look.

Dining Table

Dining tables are our specialty at Woodcraft and we take pride in delivering handcrafted quality to stylish contemporary and traditional designs. You’ll be taken away by the many designs we have on offer for custom dining tables, not to mention all of the options available to you in terms of material and stain. Not only do we offer a wide range of colours, including white stain, grey, driftwood, hazelnut, antique brown, golden oak, San Miguel, red cherry, Brazilian cherry, brown cherry, black cherry, coffee bean, gunstock walnut, brown mahogany, New York black, and ebony, but we also offer custom colours to fit the dining room. The only thing you need to worry about when we build your dining table is what you’re going to put on it to celebrate Canada Day with your family.

One of the great things about buying custom wood furniture is that it won’t fall apart on you. Replacing furniture every ten or fifteen years adds up, and in the long run, investing in solid wood furniture can save you money. Woodcraft bedroom sets, dining tables, and more are all custom made so that you know you’re getting a timeless piece of furniture you will still be proud to own decades later. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years and you can trust us to make long-lasting, quality wood furniture for your house, cottage, or condo.