Getting The Cottage “Canada Day” Ready!

April 20th, 2018 Blog

Believe it or not, we’re almost at that time of year again, when everyone breaks out their reddest outfit, buys a smattering of fireworks and celebrates what it means to be Canadian. Aside from the fact that it’s a wonderful opportunity to come together as a country and community, it’s also – let’s face it – a much-needed holiday, and if you live in Southern Ontario, that Canada Day Monday is a popular time to pack up the vehicle and head up to the cottage.

What you don’t want to do, though, is get all the way up there only to find a mess of cobwebs, dust, out-dated furnishings and an empty pantry. That’s no way to ring in Canada Day. Start getting your cottage ready early, that way when the summer rolls around you’ll be able to relax in style, instead of stressing out in a mess. Getting the cottage “Canada Day” ready starts by drawing your attention to these four specific areas: the cleaning, the décor (which will feature some Woodcraft furniture obviously), the pantry and the landscaping.


This is a full day job for most cottages, and might require the help of some family or friends (in the case of the latter, you can probably just pay them in food and drinks!). Sweep any debris that might’ve accumulated; dust the surfaces; check for critters that might have found their way in, laying down mouse- or bug-traps if necessary; scrub down the bathroom; and, if you didn’t do them at the end of the season last year, run any sheets and linens through the laundry. Whew, that wasn’t easy, was it? But at least you didn’t leave it until the summer.


The best way to liven up your cottage, décor-wise, is with solid wood furniture – if you read this blog with any regularity, that should come as no surprise. A cottage’s interior is meant to evoke the outside experience of being in nature; it’s meant to be a comfortable extension of the natural surroundings. So it makes perfect sense that a cottage be furnished with solid wood furniture. If you want to pre-order and choose your type of wood and stain, contact us anytime, or if you want to get a deal on a floor model and move your furniture up to the cottage right away, come visit us and one of our three showrooms – Whitby, Mississauga and Denison.


That Canada Day drive up to the cottage with friends or family can be stressful and rushed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, then, if you didn’t have to stop for groceries? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you got up there to find that the pantry was already stocked with key non-perishables, and that the fridge was already stocked with drinks? You’re already making the early trip up there to clean and redecorate; you might as well bring up some groceries!


You don’t have to go all out here, since the cottage is fundamentally about enjoying nature (and nature is fundamentally a little messy), but a quick pass around the cottage for large fallen branches and excess leaves wouldn’t go amiss by family and guests. If you want to bring a pair of pruning shears to scale back some of the overgrowth as well, that would also be a great idea. It’s a tiring job, for sure, so if at the end of it you need your new furniture delivered, we totally understand – just get it touch with us and we’ll work out a way to get your furniture to you.

May 24 may be the official kick-off of the cottage season, but Canada Day is its spiritual centre. The weather is hot, the jet-skis are roaring, the smell of barbecue is in the air and the Canadian flags are waving. In many ways, it’s the cottage event of the year, so make sure yours is ready for action!