Go Mid-Century Modern in 2020 with Solid Wood Furniture

December 27th, 2019 Blog

Solid Wood Furniture

Whether you’ve already started adding a few pieces of mid-century style furniture to your home or you’ve just caught the bug and are looking to acquire your first elegant piece, the best way to bring that stylish retro feel into your home is with solid wood furniture. Unlike many other items, solid wood designs easily capture the styles of the mid-century period. There’s no better time than the coming new year to start.


The First Piece in Your Collection


When you’re first introducing mid-century furniture into your home, a great place to start is you coffee table. That’s because it’s hard for an item in the centre of your living room to clash with anything else in the room. The great thing about mid-century designs is that they’ll pair well with almost any other kind of style. When you consider that solid wood furniture itself matches most textures and designs with ease, then you end up with the perfect combination for your first introductory piece.


Ease Into the Transition


The key to any drastic change in style – such as bringing more mid-century wood furniture for your modern life into your modern home – is to start with a subtle introductory phase and then slowly ease your home into an entire collection.


One of the best ways to help this transition along is to plan out stages where you use your current décor to complement or offset the furniture you already own. When you’re introducing handcrafted solid wood furniture, it’s important to consider how the natural and traditional look will blend in with any design choices you currently have.


Power Clashing


Depending on what you already own in your living room, bedroom or dining room, you will want to consider how a statement piece like extraordinarily uniquely designed mid-century will fit in. If your home currently contains some vintage pieces along with one or two mass produced items, your best option will likely be to get rid of the cheaply made items.


There’s a big difference between power clashing for the sake of fashion and just plain clashing in poor taste. If you make a decision to follow a plan that involves power clashing, try to stick to only two distinct styles. Mid-century designs mix well with older antiques in this way or even flashy new colours, but you probably don’t want to attempt both at the same time. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or just new ideas, then you can learn about our solid and stylish bedroom furniture from this website blog.


A Mix of Retro Styles


If your décor choices have always avoided the newest of the new, then you can probably get away with a look than incorporates designs from a variety of eras at the same time. For example, you could add cherry bedroom furniture from the 80s into a room that already contains midcentury or antique items. After all, if there’s one trend that best summarizes current times, it’s probably that anything that stands out from the past can be used in a new and eclectic way today.


Whether or not you’re new to midcentury design, you’ll love all of the ideas from the past that we incorporate into our newly made custom designs here at Woodcraft. Just take a look at our inventory to get some new ideas for your home!