Great Furniture Ideas For Up North

April 17th, 2017 Blog

Cottage Country is your getaway, your weekly vacation, your little piece of paradise-on-earth – but it can all too easily become your lakeside storage unit, too. How many times have been here: you bought a new bed frame or a dresser and instead of getting rid of the old one you simply take it to the cottage. Anytime one of your adult children moves with extra furniture (the same stuff you lent them when they first moved out), it’s back to the cottage with it. It’s convenient, but it can leave your summer home looking a little improvised, and eclecticism isn’t always the answer.

Just imagine, though, what it would be like if your cottage country home were furnished to reflect the peace and quiet of the lake, the natural tranquility of the woods, or the rustic country setting. Your surroundings play a big part in your mood and mental well-being, and interior design is no exception. Colours, furniture, and layout all affect your state of mind and when you come up to the cottage for a weekend to escape the chaos of the city and unwind, it’s important that you’ve created a relaxing atmosphere for yourself. Here are just a few decorating ideas from the Woodcraft team that use solid wood furniture to establish a calm and relaxing atmosphere up north.

#1 Wood Chic

Wood doesn’t have to evoke farmhouse traditionalism or rustic country living, it can also be used for a stylish contemporary look, especially with a salvaged wood dining table like our Industrial Leg Live Edge Table. Paired with Edison bulbs and bar-style stools, it makes a great kitchen island for pancake brunches and morning coffee with a book. You can also check out our Lakefield Dining Table at any Woodcraft showroom, a unique piece that combines old and new in the form of re-purposed barn beam wood.

#2 Rustic Traditions

For some, cottage country is all about simplicity and pastoral comforts, so they opt for rustic wood furniture. There are plenty of great treasures at antique stores and used furniture shops throughout cottage country, but if you find the perfect piece that’s just a little too chipped and worn, or in the wrong colour, you can always bring it into Woodcraft to be professionally refinished. Besides offering a wide range of stains and custom colours blended to match, we also strip everything by hand instead of soaking pieces, which is a process which degrades glue and loosens joints.

#3 Elegance in the Bedroom

An all-wood bedroom set including the bed, side table, and wardrobe is a great way to create a warm and uniform aesthetic where you lay your head. We recommend using red or brown colours to create intimate and relaxing atmospheres and matching the bed with the night table, dresser, and footboard. When you shop with us, you can get the dimensions and combinations that you want in your bed set, as well as white glove delivery, even to cottage country.

Focus on the furniture you want and let us handle the rest. Visit any one of our showrooms in the GTA, in Markham, Mississauga, and Whitby and we’ll help you furnish your cottage paradise.