Highlight on Mixed Materials in Solid Wood Tables

May 21st, 2019 Blog

Highlight on Mixed Materials in Solid Wood Tables

There’s no material that’s more popular in the building of fine furniture than solid wood, but that doesn’t mean that your items need to be made of wood alone. Some of the most beautiful designs that are available today are composed of a mixture of different kinds of materials – it’s also one of the most popular new trends in furniture design.

The mixing of materials in furniture making is nothing new. In fact, some of the most valuable antique furniture is made of a variety of materials. Historically, artisans that specialized in crafting various materials would combine their talents to produce unique items that the world had never seen before. This same spirit is brought to furniture making today when you order a custom-made item to be designed unlike anything else in the world.

Custom Made Furniture

When you decide to go with a custom design, you get the opportunity to choose the variety of solid wood you prefer, as well as whatever other material you choose to complement that wood.

One common option is wood and metal, as in the case of the Jackson reclaimed dining table – which offers a gorgeous polished steel base. Choosing a custom design gives you the chance to work with a professional craftsperson at Woodcraft to gain control over the outcome of the piece of furniture you order. Some of the options you are able to choose from include:

  • Type of Wood
  • Colour of Stain
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Colour of Epoxy

Whatever your decisions, the result will be a gorgeous piece of furniture that will match the current interior design choices that are already present in your home. For example, if you prefer a rustic look, you might decide on reclaimed barn wood tables to add to the traditional décor you’ve already cultivated in your home. You’ll also be guaranteed to own a quality piece of solid wood furniture that is unlike any other in the world.

Live Edge Finished with Epoxy

One of the newest design options to hit the market is to capture all of the stunning beauty of live edge furniture by finishing it with epoxy. It takes the most experienced craftspeople to properly build an epoxy live edge resin river table, but the outcome is amazing.

The epoxy that you add to a piece of reclaimed wood furniture like a dining table with reclaimed wood top will provide functional shape to your table. This allows designers to use more unique and uncommon pieces of reclaimed and live edge wood, while also ensuring that your table meets every standard of high quality handmade wooden furniture.

When you finish a live edge table with a clear resin, it allows you to view the live edge clearly while also keeping that gorgeous live edge protected against wear, to ensure that it meets the same standards of longevity expected from all solid wood furniture. With the proper care, a table of this design can last for decades or longer, resulting in an heirloom antique. Alternatively, you can choose a colour for the epoxy to use as an accent, contrasting with the variety of solid wood of your choosing.

The luxury of investing in custom made furniture is that you get to take part in the design. You also get to have access to the latest in furniture-crafting options, such as epoxy mixed-medium solid wood furniture.