How to Choose the Right Dining Chairs For Your Home (Style, Size, Etc.)

December 22nd, 2022 Blog

Well decorated dining room with maple dining table and plush velvet chairs

Purchasing a new set of dining chairs? Consider the following points to choose products that work best for your space, style, budget, and lifestyle.

Invest in Companies Who Value Quality Over Mass Production

You want quality products that are made to last while still being stylish. Companies that specialize in solid wood furniture are a great place to start.

Every year in Canada and the United States, over 10 million tons of furniture waste end up in landfills. The durability and strength of wooden furniture mitigates this strain on the environment while reducing the burden on your wallet in the long haul, as you won’t need to replace, repair or upgrade anytime soon.

What Style of Chair is Visually Best for Your Space?

Believe it or not, there are many different styles of dining chair: round back, wing back, fabric, vinyl, leather, oak, pine, cherry, with arms or without (and much more!).

Don’t be afraid to look at clashing mediums. Perhaps you have a dining table with an industrial feel. Look at plush velvet dining chairs in sumptuous, rich colours. By not keeping a strict theme in your space, you leave room for updates and changes as design (and personal) tastes change and evolve.

Factor in the Size of Your Current Dining Table

How often do you host guests? Do you include a leaf? Is your dining set flush to the wall, or is it floating in the centre of the room? As a rule, keep a 24” gap between your dining chairs so your guests have room for eating and drinking. Keep these considerations in mind as you think about how many chairs you need to purchase — and what style. For example, dining chairs with arms take up slightly more room, so they’re better suited to large tables.

Think About the Height of Your Dining Table

When shopping for wooden dining chairs, measure the distance from the bottom of your table to the floor. This might seem obvious, but dining table heights vary based on the thickness of the tabletop. Ensure ample clearance between the table bottom and the top of your dining chairs. You want to leave around a 10” gap. This guarantees leg comfort for guests of any height.

Keep the Room Size and Flow in Mind

Think about your room flow. You don’t want chairs that are forever in the way and taking up space. If you’re a two-person household, think about getting two wooden dining room chairs and a bench that you can tuck below the table when you’re not hosting.

Now that you’ve gone to the effort of finding the perfect wooden dining chairs for your space, make sure your dining table is up to the same standard. A rickety table not only looks bad, but it’s also very annoying! Some tips for stabilizing your furniture include: fixing loosened hardware and using L-brackets to reinforce joints.

A bonus tip: Bring a measuring tape with you as you shop for new chairs. Go to stores and sit at similar-sized tables to the one you have at home and try out different chairs and seating arrangements. This is a great pointer (even if you plan to order online) as you’ll have a solid idea of what chair height and seat width work with your table.