How to Choose the Right Wood Furniture for Commercial Spaces

November 9th, 2023 Blog

A bright, industrial style boardroom with a long wooden table in the centre and pink chairs around it.

If you own or rent a commercial property — whether it’s an office space, restaurant, coffee shop, hairdressers, spa, or dental clinic — you’re sure to want to make the absolute best it can be.

While you’ll undoubtedly dedicate budgeting to marketing, hiring a top-tier team and other daily expenses, another serious consideration should be the aesthetics of your space; this is especially true if your location is open to the public and clients, or you’re hoping to rent it as-is to a commercial tenant.

An elevated space can entice new customers (and keep your regulars coming back). It gives your company or brand an air of quality, and it can also help foster a healthy working tone for team members.

But how do you know what furniture is right for you? Read on for some pointers on how to choose the right dining tables, chairs, desks, bookshelves, and beyond — whatever you’re in the market for — so that you can find the perfect fit for your commercial space. Having a core understanding of both your wants and needs before you connect with an excellent place to buy wooden furniture will set you up for success.

Consider Your Company Vibe

First, keep in mind that unity and cohesion are so crucial for businesses, as consistency across every element can strengthen the entire company’s branding.

Fortunately, it’s possible to find wood furniture that can capture and mirror the vibe of your brand in your commercial space.

Think about your company branding and overall aesthetic. While soft and romantic brands may lean toward cottage-chic furniture in lighter woods, brands with a harder edge may prize an industrial aesthetic with solid lines, dark stains, and dominant wrought iron features. On the other hand, those who prefer minimality may opt for mid-century modern-inspired pieces.

Think About Your Message

In addition to your company vibe, consider the message or mission you want to promote. For example, if your company endorses a green, environmental mission, then reclaimed wood is a great option and can help embody your concept. And rich, dark signature pieces can heighten the feeling of prestige, luxury and class.

Ultimately, the aesthetic of your wooden furniture will be up to you. If there’s nothing that immediately fits the bill, keep the option of custom wood furniture in mind. Here, you can have pieces that are crafted directly with your company’s aesthetic and practical needs in mind.

Think About the Purpose

The selection process won’t just circle around aesthetics; you’ll want to invest in furniture with durability and longevity in mind, too. That said, requirements for tables in a bustling, high-traffic coffee shop can look quite different from the specs for tables in a relaxed office space.

For example, tables in a restaurant, bar or coffee shop will be regularly wiped down with cleaning solutions, and are more likely to be dinged, bumped, or damaged by a passing stroller, a dewy glass or a hot cup of coffee.

And furniture that can be used to display products in gift stores and boutiques — like sideboards, bookshelves, and hutch-style pieces — will need to hold-up to the consistent opening and closing of doors and drawers, as well as customers picking products up and putting them down. A table for a boardroom or a corporate meeting room, on the other hand, won’t need to be as robust as it likely won’t need to stand up to such extreme everyday wear and tear.

Ultimately, different types of wood can be best suited to a scenario, situation or purpose, which may help you narrow down your options. Choosing the right wood that will hold up and withstand everyday use in your commercial space will boost your furniture’s longevity and is an excellent way to keep wood furniture from rotting, splitting, warping or cracking.

A photo of a trendy restaurant with a drinks bar in the background and tall pale wood tables with bar stools alongside them throughout

Review the Size of Your Commercial Space

Size seems like a relatively obvious factor, you don’t want to overcrowd or underwhelm a space, but there’s likely legislation in place that may impact the size and quantity of the furniture you opt for, too. While the specifics will depend on your location, bars and other spaces that hire employees and are open to the public will likely require set aisleway measurements that meet legal dimension minimums and maximums.

For this reason, check accessibility laws pertinent to your city, and make sure to map out a floor plan if you’re looking to secure more than one piece of furniture — say, for example, if you want to get tables in different sizes for a bar or open-concept office.

Think About Employee Comfort

Another important consideration is your team members and their comfort. Take, for example, wood dining tables and chairs in a wedding venue or restaurant; if your team needs to rearrange tables semi-regularly to accommodate reservations, then you’ll want manageable furniture in terms of size and weight. The same applies if your admin team needs to arrange your boardroom for corporate meet-ups.

Consider the Future

It’s also worth looking at your long-term goals. If your corporate office plans to expand by adding more team members in the near future, then do the math. Buying a boardroom table right now that will accommodate eight team members, when you plan to add 20 more in the next six months, will see your table for eight gathering dust in no time.

Think About Your Budget

And lastly, it goes without saying that most businesses, regardless of their size, will have a budget for the different facets of company life, including décor and furniture.

Categorize what quality handcrafted furniture you need versus what you would like. For example, your realtor office or home staging business will need a professional, stylish, and elevated front desk to greet prospective clients with style and flair.

Keep in mind that quality, signature pieces of furniture are made to last. So if you invest in them today, they’ll see you through decades in business (with the proper care), helping you create an elevated tone with a professional edge and saving you money in the long haul.