How To Choose Wood Furniture for Your Restaurant

June 29th, 2022 Blog

With so many choices on the market, choosing the right furniture is not as simple as picking a table, metal chair, or barstool that tickles your fancy. You need to consider many things when buying high-quality furniture for your restaurant. How much space do you have? Who is your target market? Are you able to move tables around quickly? And how does this affect ambiance? These are factors you must consider.

If you’re looking for some wood dining tables for your restaurant, then you must know more about how to find the best wooden furniture for your venture.

How To Find the Best Wood Restaurant Furniture

Do you know why wood is an excellent option for restaurant furniture? Wood is easy to clean and modify. Wood dining tables, stackable chairs, table bases, and table settings last longer than other materials. They also look solid, stylish, and sophisticated, regardless of the restaurant design and type. However, before you choose one to match your needs, explore these tips:

Know What Type of Wood To Go For

You should consider two main types of wood for furniture: hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods are made from solid trees and are more expensive because they’re harder to find. Softwoods tend to be cheaper but aren’t as durable as hardwoods.

Walnut, teak, oak, maple, and mahogany are examples of hardwoods. Walnut is unique, odourless, and hard-wearing. Its beautiful dark brown colour fades to blonde streaks with time. Teak is one of the heavy hardwoods commonly used for furniture pieces because of its durability and beauty. It’s a dense and heavy hardwood, making it an ideal choice for furniture and flooring.

Cedar, fir, and pine are examples of softwood. Fir is heavier than some wood and not as prone to scratch markings. It can also give an other-worldly feel to the room. Pine trees can grow to enormous sizes. It has a relatively straight grain, making it an extremely desirable wood furniture.

Establish the Theme of Your Restaurant

Another way to pick the right furniture for your restaurant is to find a theme, then choose furniture pieces that complement this theme. You can derive your inspiration from the following successful restaurant concepts:


Fast-casual restaurants, which offer slightly more expensive food than fast-food, are one of the hottest trends in the restaurant business. Fast-casual restaurants typically use disposable dishes and flatware but present their food as more upscale, with gourmet bread and organic ingredients. Fast-casual restaurants, such as Panera Bread, are often designed with open kitchens where customers can see their food being prepared.

A fast-casual restaurant should incorporate the best elements of full-service restaurants, such as comfortable seating and a pleasant atmosphere. It’s best to use no-fuss furniture like the classic Parsons table and upholstered high-back chairs.

Fine Dining

Fine dining restaurants provide patrons with the highest quality service, atmosphere, and food. This explains the restaurant’s hefty price tag. A fine dining experience depends on attention to detail, decor, furniture, and service.

The best furniture pieces for fine dining restaurants are commercial-grade cushioned, upholstered chairs, exquisite chairs with plated legs, wooden sofas with channel tufting, and banquet-style wooden tables.

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Know Your Target Customers and the Seating Suitable for Them

You can also figure out the right furniture by considering your target customers. For example, if you’re planning a family diner, it’s best to invest in long wooden tables, slat back side chairs, retro chairs, head chairs, and wooden extendable dining tables.

If you’re planning on a restaurant for yuppies, invest in communal tables, bar stools, round tables, and other chair types that offer versatile seating options.

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Get Your Wood Furniture From Woodcraft

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There is a wide variety of wood furniture available for restaurant owners to choose from. Ultimately, it comes down to your individual style and the tone you want your diners to have. Visit Woodcraft for more tips, resources, and information about wood furniture.


FAQs on How To Choose Wood Furniture for Your Restaurant

1. Why is it necessary to consider what types of furniture a restaurant must have?

The type of furniture you have in your restaurant determines your establishment’s ambience, look, and overall appeal. It can make or break your business. If you get past the customer-gathering stage, the type of furniture you keep will determine the cost you’ll put into fixture repairs and maintenance.

2. How do you pick a restaurant chair?

You first need to determine the motif or appeal you’re considering. The chairs must match your branding. After that, choose your preferred type of wood. Shop around for different chairs, make a short list, and customize and filter this list according to cost and preference. From there, you can make a more informed decision.

3. What factors do you consider in making a dining room layout?

Here are the things you need to consider when making a dining room layout:

  • Outline the crucial and non-negotiable spaces like the kitchen, dining, bathroom, and bar area.
  • Consider the seating capacity and arrangement
  • Take note of bad seating areas
  • Make a kitchen layout
  • Design your washroom and outdoor space